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    Can I be the first to say...

    Yeah injury was things like speed limits, compulsory seat belts, drink driving laws, compulsory fences around pools, OH + S laws. All that jazz.
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    2Unit Mathematics 2007 Solutions

    Its 52/52 * 39/51 * 26/50 * 13/49 I'm quite sure.
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    2Unit Mathematics 2007 Solutions

    If It's 2.88 years plus January 2009, It would be November 2011. I'm pretty sure.
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    What a great paper!

    The Indochina question was absolutely fucked. argh I wrote about 14 pages for personality, 11 for Germany, and 8 for Indochina. For the BOS to not put one question in about the actual American war, is shattering.