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    B Science/B Advanced Science

    hang on y is there no adv sci / comm?? ohh mannn i thort that was what i was applying for...hmm oh wellz...not that m gonna get in .....
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    Retreat From The Global

    well i thort the whole thing was the intertwined relo between local and global... like they sorta need each other..... umm negative aspects of local seen in like the Castle with stereotypical family *women doing the kitchenwork...hairdressing etc*
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    Retreat From The Global

    postmodernism is seen in for example the Castle where it is centred on the "marjinalised" ... umm not on dominant ..... it also holds values such as family etc. that are against the global view of community...umm...anything of centring the local is thought of as PM....umm cant think of anything else
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    projectile motion question

    ohh man i put that the range would be the same too!!! cuz i thort acceleration only affected the vertical path...so it may take longer to reach the bottom but the range would b da same...so even if the time takes longer ur accelration would differ to make up for it....
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    Who regretted taking up Ext 2 Maths?

    Man i regret it big time....arghhh.....me not accelerated...i wish i did more work...man m such an idiot :(
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    Who's doing Fiftieth Gate?

    Heyy... i can't believe there are ppl actually doing 5oth Gate besides our skool...lol...umm well lemme c ...we talked bout how it was a change in da writing genre as 'normal" history books don't have that much in regards with personal life...like it doesn't show the emotional side of stuff...iz...
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    Eng Adv - Texts

    heyy m doing Skryznecki Ham & Ros In The Skin Of A lion 50th Gate ne help would be great as...n mah notes...hmm...lets just say i make notes during class...but either mah handwriting iz soo shit or the teacher goess soo fast that when i try reading it, it doesn't really make sense.....but...
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    Skryznecki Lecture Notes

    Thanks Sooo much for da notez!!!