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  1. Alkanes

    INFS1602 Final

  2. Alkanes

    INFS1602 Final

    Hi for you guys that have completed this course. Any idea how to prepare for the final exam?
  3. Alkanes

    2nd Sem Subjects to take for high wam/transfer

    FINS1612 (if you're gonna majoring in finance), ACCT1511, ECON1102. Last subject I don't think you have a choice but to either take ECON1203 or MGMT1001 i'm afraid but depends what you're set to major in.
  4. Alkanes

    Transferring from commerce/arts to commerce/law

    There's already a thread about transferring into law somewhere on here. But that being said, it is obviously competitive - UNSW has 100 guaranteed spots for internal transfers per year and are assessed purely based on your WAM. So the higher your marks the more chance you have of securing a...
  5. Alkanes

    Transferring from commerce/arts to commerce/law

    If that is the case. Take either all commerce electives OR arts electives (not both) during your first semester/year of university and try to do well in order to transfer into comm/law or arts/law. Units you took during first year will be credited towards the combined law degree (assuming you're...
  6. Alkanes

    Transferring with a failed unit!

    nope if u transfer you'lll get a fresh transcript but you'll need to retake the equivalent course u failed at UTS.
  7. Alkanes

    Accounting / Professional Services

    What is a typical salary progression for a grad starting at big 4 or accounting in general in audit/tax/consulting?
  8. Alkanes

    Accounting / Professional Services

    Pls give a timeline of a typical career progression starting as a grad at the big 4 in audit (say Deloitte/PwC).
  9. Alkanes

    Journey to dental school (ongoing)

    You seem to be very focused on your studying side which is a good habit. But are you doing anything other than study such as extracurricular activities (e.g. sport, student societies) or employment work? I think whilst at university you should aim for a balanced work-study-social lifestyle and...
  10. Alkanes

    Thoughts on TABL1710 (flex. comm. core courses)

    Essay-writing focused course through both assessments and final exam. Interesting introductory first year course that gives you a slight taste of what law is really like. Not that difficult if you're good at essay writing. Out of those three flexible courses - i would definitely pick this.
  11. Alkanes

    URGENT: Apparent Changes to UNSW LAW Entry

    Seems fair if it actually does happen. Call up the faculty and ask.
  12. Alkanes

    just a question about lectures

    ^ you could also get expelled for conspiring together
  13. Alkanes

    Was what the teacher said fair?

    Like other have said. The teacher is clearly sensitive on the topic of tutoring. Probably it makes her feel incompetent that students need extra help outside of her class. You can maybe go and ask another teacher for help.
  14. Alkanes

    Post Your 2015 Sem 1 Timetable

    Post yo time mofo's. So i know how congested the servers are going to be for me on Wednesday morning :)
  15. Alkanes

    Trouble with acquiring textbooks early. Anybody else experience this?

    Just be patient. The hsc kids probably shouldn't even be referring to the textbook at this point in time. They should have made/have their own notes and just be practicing exam questions. But there are some who would like them for consolidation purposes etc. And they're the one that probably...
  16. Alkanes

    Post Your 2015 Sem 1 Timetable

    When is everyone's enrolment?
  17. Alkanes

    Repeating subject and doing same assignment again - help

    Out of curiosity..what subject are you retaking?
  18. Alkanes

    Provisional Exam Timetable

    This is probs the best timetable you could ever ask for as a commerce student. Finishing in under a week lol
  19. Alkanes

    Provisional Exam Timetable

    How come there are two papers? Unless they changed the format to like one algebra and one calculus paper
  20. Alkanes

    The missing Malaysian Airlines...

    Plausible lead to the cause. That being said its extremely devastating and terrifying when you hear these sort of stories on the news. This story immediately reminded me of the Air France aircraft that went missing a few years ago.