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  1. razzarach

    italian exam

    was that beginners or continuers? i really didnt think the writing and listening were that easy for continuers.. or the 2nd reading.. lol.. damn :(
  2. razzarach

    How Hard Was It????

    i thought the test was really really hard. i dont really know compared to last yrs, i think it was about the same, but they chose pretty bad questions from my pov. i was counting on it for my uai too :P ohwell... dont procranstinate! peace.
  3. razzarach

    Italin cont

    i thought the listening was absolutely SHOCKING! i hated it! the reading was good - i did well in that. writing was okay, but last yrs was easier i rekon. overall it was a pretty hard test i think! finished with 1 minute to spare :)
  4. razzarach

    Continuers or Beginners?

    i do continuers :) hoping to continue it at tafe or uni one yr.. we'll see lol
  5. razzarach

    The Minoans

    I did Minoan's essay - religion - it was okay i suppose.. except the exam was really hard!! in general anyway.. hope u all went well.. fingers crossed i did lol. peace.
  6. razzarach

    Minoan Society

    yeah specific quotes i think.. ive got ALOT on callender and all the shit she says lol.. but yeah! mainly specific quotes from historians :)
  7. razzarach

    Minoan Society

    yeah ive already got the notes on daily life, but i have absolutely NO evidence lol.. quite sad really?! anyways... it wuld be appreciated for neones help :D im desperate lol.. thanks!
  8. razzarach

    Minoan Society

    minoan society - evidence for daily life.. anyone help? ive got notes if neone needs em with sources... i just cant get the daily life. peace! :)
  9. razzarach


    i posted all my notes with sources in the resources page! hope it helps :)
  10. razzarach

    anyone got notes on...

    okay here's some notes i just finished typing up which im putting in the resources coz it wont attach here. there's stuff about burrus and seneca in there. hope it helps :)
  11. razzarach

    new kingdom egypt!

    Hey does neone know what to write for diplomacy.. just a basic outline. thanks.. :) goodluck to all for thursday!!
  12. razzarach

    genetics the code broken

    no we never did the experiments. my teacher was always like 'yes.. so IF we were to do this...' lol
  13. razzarach

    How does everyone think they went?

    i found it actually rather good. only exam ive felt confident in as ive walked out :D stoked tho... NO MORE BIO! :D:D:D
  14. razzarach

    Evidence for New Kingdom Egypt (til death of Thut IV)

    thanks heaps for all those websites guys! :) its very much appreciated..
  15. razzarach

    Biggest Distraction During The Examz!!

    dude.. that is so bad.. u have my symphony! lol it would be a good creative writing peace :P ohwell, at least u got compensated eh?
  16. razzarach

    Evidence for New Kingdom Egypt (til death of Thut IV)

    im in need of any evidence that's helpful.. like if anyone has an inscription for anything to do with NK, it'll help me! or sites.. whatever! lol.. i hope that even makes sense, lol im good at rambling :P
  17. razzarach

    Anyone actually ready for this exam???

    god i hope not.. i know i hate bio study - u cant bullshit :'( but hey... there's always the multiple choice :D yay!
  18. razzarach

    Question 1

    ARE U SERIOUS? Wow.. I feel bad...
  19. razzarach

    Che Fusto

    hmm... maybe.. but i was pretty sure it was che ficco! i had some italians staying with me, who i stayed with in italy, and both times i swear they taught me ficco! but hey... ive been wrong plenty of times! lol... can anyone else give us some insight? lol.. i wanna know i haven't been sounding...
  20. razzarach

    Che Fusto

    buono is used to say good, espcially che buono is 'how nice' in a food context and ive never heard of figo..! but that doesnt mean it's not true lol..