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  1. Tete-De-Chou

    Rules for Customers

    I'm dreading the new promotion coming to coles, with the buy (insert item here), and get (insert different item here) free. People will get all pissy and be like "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, it's free" whenver I scan it. Ahh, it's so annoying when people say "can I get the meat in...
  2. Tete-De-Chou

    What are you doing this year?

    Animal Studies at Ultimo =D I start on monday, so excited!
  3. Tete-De-Chou

    Rules for Customers

    Don't say your PIN aloud as you type it in... *forehead slap*
  4. Tete-De-Chou


    Oh, and if you are doing languages, a great way to study can be watching a DVD with the subtitles or audio of the language you are learning selected. I did that way too much =P But it was worth it for my mark =)
  5. Tete-De-Chou


    Yep, mnemonics are great, especially in sciences and maths. The stupider (or ruder =P) it is, the more likely you are to remember it. Word association also helps. Due to "frogs with perms" and "devon fish", I will never forget which era was the era of the amphibians and which the fish =P. I...
  6. Tete-De-Chou

    Cert II Animal Studies

    Is anyone from here doing it this year at Ultimo? What's it like? I'm a bit nervous/excited =D
  7. Tete-De-Chou

    The Official Crap UAI Thread

    69.30 ... I just needed 0.70 more to make the UAI I wanted. Bloody UAC site, I had to call them b/c my pin wasn't working, so I got it changed, and now THAT isn't working. I. Just. Want. To. Apply. Damnit! :bomb:
  8. Tete-De-Chou

    Early Entry.... anyone?

    I got accepted for Bachelor of Languages and Bachelor of International Studies... But... I didn't actually do the uni application, just the early entry one LOL. But apparently I can use it to apply in 09, thank God =) LOL, that's what i get for being all indecisive about whether I wanted to go...
  9. Tete-De-Chou

    Rules for Customers

    LOL, that reminds me of that "I've Been Everywhere, Man" song :P
  10. Tete-De-Chou

    Rules for Customers

    I hate it when you get those customers, and you are halfway through doing work that takes concentration, and they feel the need to talk about shit that nobody gives a crap about for an odd half hour. Or sing? WTF? Why do old men feel the need to flirt with everybody possible? And, why do people...
  11. Tete-De-Chou

    French Beginners

    Wahay! I got 97 =D =D =D Yeah, the last part of listening was a little... odd. Haha, in my writing section, I wrote a poem in french inviting people to the reunion. It was so lame... I loved it =P
  12. Tete-De-Chou

    Official HSC results.

    English Adv.- 74 Earth & Environmental Science- 79 Drama- 73 Art- 82 French Beginners- 97 (Hell freaking yes!) I'm pretty happy with my results, but I can't access my UAI at the moment =( But 97... So happy LOL
  13. Tete-De-Chou

    Bachelor of Languages or International Studies

    Thanks! That has cleared some things up :)
  14. Tete-De-Chou

    Bachelor of Languages or International Studies

    Is anybody doing or has anyone done either B Languages of B International Studies? What kind of stuff do you study in them (apart from the really basic things you find on UNE and in Uni Guides etc.) and is it worth doing the course for what you learn, for instance, if you want to get into...
  15. Tete-De-Chou

    Why do you study a foreign language?

    Except for you =P Haha, I was gonna have my username as Ezabelle... Darn it we coould have been only-earth-matching-name-buds! Oh well!
  16. Tete-De-Chou

    Drama 2007~ which design texts?

    Private Lives....Costume! Woot! Speaking of which, I better do some research for it while I'm on the net still.:)
  17. Tete-De-Chou

    Anyone going to Onstage on Saturday?

    I went to Programme B (at least I think it was). Was it just me or did every second play have references to the Macarena and Charades? There was some good ones though. Oh well. The costume design there was good.
  18. Tete-De-Chou

    Oh My God Stop Waxing and Shaving Now!

    =O How good are they! I love mine! No more too pale legs =P
  19. Tete-De-Chou

    Pimples Help

    Toner is great for tightening the pores. Especially Witch-Hazel! I did the toothpaste thing on blemishes, and it left a huge dry patch of bumpy, scaly skin in between my eyebrows =(. Tea-tree is great for spotting on pimples. Stingose is not. (I would have to be the only person stupid...
  20. Tete-De-Chou

    Rules for Customers

    It's a sad world when people walk into Gloria Jean's and ask for "coffee"=(