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  1. NovaAesa

    Microsoft failed updates 80240016

    Heh, at least a mac would work. But yes, if you used Ubuntu (GNU/Linux) you wouldn't be running into problems like this.
  2. NovaAesa

    Recommend us a free and reliable antivirus/firewall/anti-spyware software

    +1 I know people using Linux who treat their computers as "appliances". No need to have in depth computer knowledge.
  3. NovaAesa

    Help with finding a type of game.

    I remeber the game... I don't know any like it though.
  4. NovaAesa

    Gaming PC!

    'cos it's soooo hard to do yourself.
  5. NovaAesa

    22" or 24" LCD monitor?

    What's wrong with LG? I've got a 17" LCD and also a 24" LCD, both LG. Never had any dead pixels, both still in perfect working order. What's so bad about them?
  6. NovaAesa

    The Official PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Thread

    Erm... okay. So seeings that Linux runs quite happily on one of my old rigs with a Pentium II and 64MiB of RAM, you're saying that my old rig is more powerful than a 360? It isn't a question of power at all, it's more a question of what Microsoft will let you do with its hardware. btw, XBL pwnz...
  7. NovaAesa

    Lost Vista Password

    You lost the Admin password? If Vista is as secure as any good OS should be, then you can say goodbye to your files. Of course, Vista is sure not to be as secure as it probably should be. Sooo, there should be a way to break in. Good luck with that.
  8. NovaAesa

    who is using linux

    Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop and Fedora on my PC (duel boot with WinXP for gaming). @mr_brightside, yes tribooting is possible.
  9. NovaAesa

    What languages do you know?

    I learned VB, then Python, then Java. Onto C++ next semester =D I think it would have been best if I had learnt Python first, but oh well.
  10. NovaAesa

    Rubics Cube

    Easy :P Here's me doing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfxVFtBaBUI
  11. NovaAesa

    possibilty of a coin landing on its side(edge)?

    The movie Mousetrap says that it can happen.
  12. NovaAesa

    Where can I buy an old...

    And what's wrong with eBay?
  13. NovaAesa

    Post your desktop screenshot.

    Awesome, thx xD
  14. NovaAesa

    Post your desktop screenshot.

    Would you be able to post your .conkyrc files?
  15. NovaAesa

    Home and Away

    I want to know as well, I missed it.
  16. NovaAesa

    Myspace vs Facebook

    I'll look into that :P
  17. NovaAesa

    Have to make a GAME

    Java is easy to learn. Go for it. Or if you are into the whole Linux thing, maybe learn Python.
  18. NovaAesa

    sdd scaling

    I got 95 in software design as well and it was the subject that contributed most to my UAI (according to SAM). lol
  19. NovaAesa

    Python question

    Do you mean how do you do read/write to files?
  20. NovaAesa

    Python question

    Python is just as easy to learn as VB IMO (and it's definately more powerful). To writting a hello world programme is pretty easy in Python. Just open a new file (call it hello.py or soemthing like that) and type: I'm not sure how to run it in Windows, but in Linux open a terminal and type: