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  1. SelphieBoffin

    1 mark off band 6

    I got two marks off band 6 for two of my subjects, and they were the only ones that weren't band 6, so if i had've got 2 more marks for either subject i would have been on the hihg acheivers list, but hey, im not complaining.
  2. SelphieBoffin

    Who thought they got someone elses results?

    Yeah, I guess so. I just wasn't really expecting it. I kinda thought you had to be naturally gifted and hard-working to get really good marks. But hey, I'm not complaining.
  3. SelphieBoffin

    Who thought they got someone elses results?

    When I first looked, it was like, 98 no way, that can't be right. So I checked again, and again, and about 6 times...and then I got my sister to check, and then I continued checking a couple of times throughout the day, just to see that it hadn't changed. I'm not really going to be convinced...
  4. SelphieBoffin

    Honour Roll

    I got over 90 for Chemistry, German Beginners, Ancient History and Mathematics. I was pretty close for my other two subjects too. I got 88 for both of them!
  5. SelphieBoffin

    Your Parents. What do they think?

    I haqven't told my parents yet, cause they're still out. I got 98.35. My mum said earlier this year that I might have to look at other options besides uni, cause she thought I'd get a uai in the 70's, cause my brother got 60something. Well, I think she might be expecting something a little...
  6. SelphieBoffin

    Did anyone slack off in their last exam??

    I did. I had two days to study for ancient history, and I hardly studied at all, I just couldn't be bothered anymore. I have 12 units, and ancient was always kinda my 'extra' subject, the one I had considered dropping. And I got lazy while doing the exam too, I made up alot of things in areas...
  7. SelphieBoffin

    Worst song ever?

    Obladi Obladi worst song ever??? WTF???????? That's the biggest load of jack shit I've ever heard!
  8. SelphieBoffin


    I'm with most other people. I'd abort. I don't think I want kids ever, let along when I'm 17. Talk about a way to ruin your life. Not everyone's of course, maybe having children at 17 is some people's thing, but not mine. If the baby was already 24 weeks or later, which wouldn't happen of...
  9. SelphieBoffin

    Final Fantasy

    As far as I remember....and it's been a while.....Steiner will be the one you run around with if he's left at the desert palace, whoever else is left at the desert palace. If Steiner's not there and Freya is, then it'll be Freya. And if neither of them are at the desert palace, then you'll be...
  10. SelphieBoffin

    Final rankings

    Fantastic, I think my english rank is wrong too. My assessment rank is exactly the same as my rank for the trial is exam, even though my rank for all the other assessments is a bit higher. It might not be wrong just because of this, but my sister's rank is also the same as her trial rank, and so...
  11. SelphieBoffin

    biology is basically a bludge period

    I think it's a bludge too. I didn't pay much attention in class a lot of the time, but I still get good marks in bio, I got third in my class for the assessment mark. Compared to chemistry where we're learning new things and being challenged, it's just, like, duh, we learnt that all already. The...
  12. SelphieBoffin

    Old Kingdom Egypt: Historical Period

    I think I'm in the same boat as you. I've only had two days to study for history, and I don't feel like I've learnt a damn thing. I've just been in a really bad mood, can't focus, can't take anything in. I'm completely out at sea for Cleopatra. Don't know anything. I'm gonna have fun making...
  13. SelphieBoffin

    How do you ignore annoying things in order to study effectively

    I usually put headphones on and listen to music. Not exactly the greatest thing to study with, but I find it less distracting then other distractions ie. dogs, cats, brothers, parents, tv etc.
  14. SelphieBoffin

    Sparta - relationship with Delphi?

    This is a point in the syllabus which I have no information on, and haven't been able to find anything on. Does anybody know anything about Sparta's relationship with the Delphi?
  15. SelphieBoffin

    Zum Teufel mit der Prüfung der Beginners!!!

    I found the whole exam relatively easy. That second multiple choice was pretty dodgy. I went with the hausfrau one too, but why would he say that? How random. I had some trouble with some of the multiple choice in the listening exam too, but yeah it was alright. I'm glad I wasn't writing during...
  16. SelphieBoffin

    who kept RUNNING OUT OF SPACE?!

    Yeah, there didn't seem to be alot of space for some of the questions. For the question on b and t cells, I had only writeen about b cells and I'd filled up all the lines, so I had to write all over the place for the T cells
  17. SelphieBoffin


    I wrote quite a bit. Eight and a half. I just crapped on alot for the seven mark question. I had plenty of time, so, yeah.
  18. SelphieBoffin

    line graph or column grapn

    I did a line graph. I'm sure we were supposed. We were showing a trend, so line graphs the way to go.
  19. SelphieBoffin

    did u see it??

    I missed it altogether. I'm so pissed off. I mean I didn't see it at all! I was just staring at the picture the whole time. Didn't occur to me once that there might be a reason it might be there. How stupid can you get. I just looked straight to the bottom of the page where the lines were. God...
  20. SelphieBoffin

    Which is your worst module?

    Communication, what a boring topic, why would our teacher choose it? Blueprint was definately my favourtie module. I think genetics was great. My class went soooo slow through that topic. But it was still interesting.