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  1. Chelle

    Top 120 schools list?

    nevermind i found it!
  2. Chelle

    Top 120 schools list?

    Does anyone have a copy of the top 120 schools list? I would really appreciate a copy! Thanks
  3. Chelle

    2003 UAIs

    Well goodbye to university dreams for me!
  4. Chelle


    i dont think so, sorry maybe 80.
  5. Chelle

    Cyph Cyph Cyph Cyph Cyph Read This Now

    this is hard coz i would say high 70s to low 80's or say 78-82
  6. Chelle

    UAI prediction plz!!

    yep im with lazybum on this one, you 73-75ish your friend tho 75-80 maybe
  7. Chelle


    ok again i think this ones a tough one so dont take me too seriously!!! idd guess 79 - 85
  8. Chelle

    hello! HSC Prediction plz!!

    well its still impressive, and if you dont get in, you can always try and swap next semester cant you? or is that something that sydney doesnt do?
  9. Chelle

    hello! HSC Prediction plz!!

    Oh ok.. sorry i was thinking of how languages scale down.. but then no thinking hey, they got 94+ for their languages! Well done tho, great results, what course are you planning to get into?
  10. Chelle

    UAI Prediction Please

    WOW congrats for SDD thats an awesome mark! 89-92
  11. Chelle

    hello! HSC Prediction plz!!

    Dont take what im saying too seriously wait for Huy or Cyph, but i would think you'd get around 93 - 96