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    Dispute over solution: Rates of Change.

    Re: Effing irritating dispure over marks I got 10.5 assuming the apex is at the bottom
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    How much of a difference can trials make?

    sometimes it could mean the difference between a band 4 or a band 5. I would suggest really smashing your trials so you will have a better chance at maximizing your atar when you do your hsc.
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    Semester 1 USYD Chatter Thread 2013

    I kept second guessing myself when I was attempting the partial derivatives mixing up fx and fy and ended up using like 15 minutes on a question. I hope my quizzes will save me since I did a much better job in those.
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    Semester 1 USYD Chatter Thread 2013

    Had a mental breakdown during the math1001 :/
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    Share an HSC success story you know of!

    I was failing physics in year 11 , a mark of 40/100. Im not even joking. But then I got my ass into gear and worked hard throughout the HSC and ended up with an examination mark of 85/100. It's true what they say, talent can get you somewhere but hard work can get you anywhere.
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    What is your first preference?

    Civil engineering/ Architecture at USYD
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    Riproot's awesome raw marks

    I was about to order my examination responses and raw marks reports for my subjects until I saw the price. Dammmn that must've been expensive. :l
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    does assessment mark really matter or just rank?

    Marks don't matter. It is your rank that determines your final internal mark. If you come first, your internal mark will be the mark of the person who came first in the hsc examination while you keep your external mark.
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    BOS ATAR Estimations

    Wow. I'm so glad I pulled myself together in term 2 because I knew english and chem would have dragged me down. actual atar: 95.20 very close.
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    BOS ATAR Estimations

    Ranks English Advanced 41/71 Chemistry 33/57 Business studies 7/72 Mathematics 4/100 Physics 9/37 Mathematics EXT 1 9/55 School Rank ~`100 If I had posted this up before, what do you guys think my atar estimate would have been? I want to compare it with my actual atar. I didn't ask for an...
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    Share your 2012 ATAR here

    95.20 abit lower than the matrix estimate which was 95.75 but I'm happy since that means I achieved my goal T.T
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    Share your 2012 HSC results here

    damn.. I got 98.5 which rounds up to 99. They must've gotten exactly or over 99 :L congrats to them
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    Share your 2012 HSC results here

    How do you know if you state rank? I also got 99 for mathematics but have no idea.
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    Rewards from parents for good marks

    When I asked my mum, she told me to shut up and start packing for our trip to Vietnam :L.
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    2012 School Rankings

    Re: Top 100 School Rankings LOL same :L
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    who else is surprised with chem and phys?

    had 85 for both physics and chem but my ranks pulled it down to 84 and 81 :(
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    Share your 2012 HSC results here

    thanks xD I just had the biggest heart attack of my life a few moments ago.
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    Share your 2012 HSC results here

    LOL IM SORRY forgot to put down physics mark too. No wonder the estimates varied so much.
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    Share your 2012 HSC results here

    I only do 2u and ext 1.
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    Share your 2012 HSC results here

    lol I'm torn between two different estimates 89.52 and 95.75 omg..