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    Question 2 - anyone?

    yeah i think that was a decent question and i remembered way more than expected! Did anyone esle speak about an extra historical issue? i had a bit of time left and thought why not, hope its okay- it means minimum is expected is two doesnt it?
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    Thanks heaps- yeah i called the advice line and the guy said it depends entirely on how the question is worded- 2001- historical interpretations eg. under historians but other i have read have been about issues and then talk about interpretations (historians veiws). i am prepared either way...
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    My question is on the structure of the kennedy essay. In my trial i did my main paragraphs comparing different historians veiws of kennedy and put the events (cuban crisis, vietnam, personal life) in these paragraphs... Is it better to compare historians under paragraphs of events or the way i...
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    Lack Of Identification?

    yea we had organised seating with our pictures on the desk- htey checked we were the people in the photo and signed it- ALSO had blue ID forms...
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    how many pages are there in each writing booklet??

    i think the lines are too spaced out- its easier for the examiners but makes it heaps harder to write fast i reckon!!
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    wtf is enjambment??

    meaning it makes the reader slow down and gives more emphasis to words- eg. "even if nothing is there" gives the poems words more meaning compared to if it just said- "even if nothing is...
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    i wrote 7,5,8- dont think it's length that counts to the hugest extent. its necessary to get in enough detail and depth to get marks but as long as your writing what they are after.... like all 4 pages could be of the best structure and quality.
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    The Official 2003 HSC English paper 2 (Modules)

    i wish they'd have specified a poem or SOMETHING!!!! i knew everyhting and now i feel like i was put completely equal with everyone who didn't know their stuff in as much detail of themes and techniques- dammit!! ALSO- how much do we need another half hour?!
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    Module A - In the Wild

    Question was good. Just always feel like there is soo much to write in Brave New World/ Blade runner that i can't structure it as well as like to. i spent 50 mins on this section- and needed at least another 20 to have a response that i's be happy with!!!
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    just over an hour ago...

    it feels good that its over- i did two exams today. Really dont think i did as well as i did in the trials though, stuffed up the story. Can't fix it now though so moving on to the modules :(
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    Am i screwed?

    i'm in the same situation! i had an awesome plan to use the rock climber in section 2 as a metaphor for this guy climbing his 'mountain' but i dont think i explained what i meant well enough, its going to be obscure reading it i think. SHIT!!!
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    My place HELP

    Help! any techniques in 'My Place' would be extremely useful~ not sure i've got enough to have a flexible answer. Any help would be extremely uselful to me and other last minute crammers...
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    Help! Any last minute 'My Place' techniques would be extremely helpful!! i dont think i have enough to be flexible in answerin and our teacher was extremely minimal in this department. anything would be greatly appreciated.
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    We were told that they can't do that. Also in the 'introduction to the stimulis booklet it says- "In the HSC examination students may be asked to refer to at least one text that THEY have selected from the stimulis booklet". dont stress, they can't do it.
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    Differing Text types

    i am doing two poems, as long as we talk about different characteristics for each it should be ok. i asked my teachers and they said it's ok. How many texts are you talking about for you change essay? 5?
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    Using "+" instead of "'and"

    In those 'Standards Packages' heaps of Band 6 responses do use abbreviations. There are often many spelling mistakes...They are mainly interested in structure and language ability, not pedantic things like using a '+'.