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    Long break in between HSC exams, anyone?

    I'm still plodding through. Visual Arts on the 9th. My exams have been ridiculously spaced out, which everybody tells me is a good thing, but I just feel like it's dragging me down and screwing up any study routine I may have had. Oh, well. Luck of the draw, I guess. Can't wait until Saturday....
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    Pages written

    Genre - Speculative Fiction 11 pages for both, so that's 22 pages, if my maths is correct. I feel like 10 of the 11 pages for the essay part were complete rubbish, but hopefully I'll make up for it in the creative part.
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    Yeah, that's an awesome story! I did spec fic too, and wasn't really prepared. I think I did okay in the creative part but the critical killed me, I wasn't prepared at all and had no idea what to say in terms of resistance. Oh, well. It'll be interesting to see what mark I get. Maybe.
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    Anyone Else Abhore Personality Question?

    Yeah, I thought the first part about describing their role was annoying. I liked the second part though, best bit of the whole exam for me. Easy to write about in regards to J Edgar Hoover 'cause he was so manipulative.
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    It's 7:36 and i am STUFFED for modern.

    It's 8:09 and I'm feeling the same. Ugh... 4 and a half hours... Yes, we'll be fine... As long as it's better than chemistry was.
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    Paper 2 Section 2 Module B

    I chose love and fear. The amount of times I've heard "read and re-read the question" is phenomenal, but do you think I read the question properly? No. I didn't talk about the same emotion being used in more than one poem - will that matter too much? I hope not... I didn't really like this...
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    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    I agree, I didn't mind text 3, I liked it more than the feature article. It might have been harder to understand, but it was a more interesting read. Yeah, the essay question was brilliant. Question: how many pages are in each BOS booklet?
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    Imaginative Journey: Unexpected Destinations

    I tried to do the same thing, but I don't know that it worked properly for me. I didn't actually mention that the destination could be a state of mind, just kind of dived in and ended up hoping that the markers will figure out that I wasn't talking about a physical journey, but an imaginative...
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    What is everyone doing for their Major?

    I'm doing a clay animation. It is taking FOREVER. But it's fun to do. I don't really have a theme or anything, though. At the moment, it's just random bits and pieces. I'm startig to worry about it. I also have a question: If you're doing film and video, can you incorporate different styles of...