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    How did everyone find the paper?

    It was the ugliest exam ever lol, but I wouldn't worry too much because as long as you wrote something relevant for the optic fibre and morse code question you'll get a mark, even if you just mentioned total internal reflection or light rays etc. I actually walked out of that exam feeling okay...
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    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    i feel like it's one of those things where if you found it easy you weren't thinking hard enough so don't worry about that! cause the stimuli were honestly really easy to misinterpret, especially for Genetics (for example the pedigree showed individuals diagnosed with cancer, not with the...
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    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    somehow I forgot to use a named example for the first short answer question (I was having PTSD from multiple choice), will i still get one mark or go straight to 0? if I remember correctly it was out of 2 marks. besides that, here are some actual multiple choice questions from the 2017 paper...