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    Procreation of the hereditarily disabled

    Those with hereditary diseases should not be allowed to procreate period. Personal opinion, for the sake of the child. A parent should not be selfish enough to want a child more then to risk it having a hereditary disease. Darwinism; not by definition but as an easy explanation. THIS IS...
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    The Future is the past - where should Australia stand? USA, China, or neuetrality.

    Re: The Future is the past - where should Australia stand? USA, China, or neuetrality I dare say I would know more of the real world then yourself, but you go ahead and make presumptions and continue to live without care. I would argue with you but your signature suggests it would be pointless...
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    The Future is the past - where should Australia stand? USA, China, or neuetrality.

    Re: The Future is the past - where should Australia stand? USA, China, or neuetrality "Human Rights" and "trivial". The fact that you can put these two words in the same sentence in a political context..... What do you believe in? Would you really give up your rights just to live under a...
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    A question of mortality

    1 million years to learn learn learn and learn, after you got all the other fun stuff finished with of course.
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    To dye or not to dye your hair?

    for males i think one shade lighter or darker is the only way to go if you really want otherwise you just look like some kid trying to anger his parents and has mummy/daddy issues
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    What do ppl do for fun nowdays?

    OP its called getting a life. ie. Job, more school, hobby, etc etc If you find your still bored, go play with a knife, practice becoming a doctor.
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    forbidden love

    i feel sorry for ppl with over restrictive parents, although at the same time i wish mine had cared in other areas more, so i guess it evens out. sorry i cant help with your problem though.
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    Should i buy it??

    i was broke but still had to buy the leather jacket i feel in love with. imo if its gunna get worn a lot and u wont get sick of it soon, buy it even if ur broke :) +rep coz im a G
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    How often do you go to the gym?

    I honestly still cant see a reason to join a gym, ive been one or twice and found nothing that I could do from home without equipment. Bodyweight training can get a bit mundane however 40$ a week or some ridiculous amount at a gym i can hardly justify when I do everything i need at home for...
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    Mathematics /not sure

    Not sure where i should put this but i guess 4u guys are best bet. I completed my HSC through tafe and 3/4unit wasnt available, I have done some 3unit work and was doing fine with it. Question: I wish to learn 3/4 unit and further mathematics, where can i do this?? I have an interest and a...
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    Which famous person(s) have you seen/met?

    John Cena lawl Cheif of Army something Leahy was at my march out parade 2 years ago when his nephew marched out with my platoon, meet him at the ceremony afterwards was pretty cool to meet him and his entourage and share a few drinks with, no he wasnt drinking but we were.
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    What Cars does everyone drive??

    the beast of all cars 95 CC Lancer, 2 door coupe manual 5 speed, white! i've had a love hate relationship with my car for the last 4 years.
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    parent troubles

    i had sleep overs at girls houses and vise versa all my life :S even at 17 id have female friends over that would share my double bed and my parents nor her parents ever had a problem but i guess all parents are different and this being said im 19 and still a virgin /notgay
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    certainly will be watching this. True Story, WWII, rebels and some hardcore one liners, wat else do you want?
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    How often do you go to the gym?

    did u actually read the rest of my post? write a proper reply rather then false, this is for discussion after all... why do you go everyday except sunday?
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    are you lonely?

    occasionally i get lonely, im anti-social though so being alone most of the time keeps me quite happy. but the isolation gives me no one to talk to when i want to, so i have efriends! i can tell them my deepest darkest thoughts, and then block them when i dont want to talk to them. problem...
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    How often do you go to the gym?

    gym is a waste of money unless u want to want massive muscles, doesnt cost any to run around outside the size that the majority of ppl want to achieve, or the level of fitness can be attained through bodyweight training done from home, no equipment required and cost nothing.
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    would you let someone borrow your book?

    im hesitant to lend a book to my dad knowing that he takes care of them. def never to a friend unless i bought it 2nd hand, which half my books i do. but books i bought new, never would i lend them.
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    car audio systems

    if ur serious do some research, i get my stuff from strathfield. if you have any experiance with electronics or cars you'll find it easy to install. P.S 6x9's with a sub is a big NO Apart from that its mainly personal pref. as to how much u want to spend over the quality u want or need.
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    Sunburn :(

    i find a coconut oil / moisturizer works well to soothe and heal, once or twice a day used to be a beach bum so trust me :P