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    Would a 94 ATAR get into Law at USYD via either undergraduate or postgraduate?

    The answer depends on whether you are transferring from within Sydney, or from outside. If you are transferring from another course at Usyd, all you need to worry about it doing really well at that course, as they will pick either your ATAR or your uni marks as a basis for transferring. Really...
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    University of Sydney Roll Call 2016

    Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Economics, first year. My dream degree so super excited!!
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    Most accurate atar calculator?

    The one used by UAC.
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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    *casually refreshes HSC merit list page every 5 seconds*
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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    I'm mostly happy. All-rounder, but still ATAR calculators are giving me just below 99.5.
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    Is anyone else nervous?

    Also any ATAR calculator will give you a very good guestimate as to which ones count.
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    First in Course List

    Still a stupid decision ATAR-wise.
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    First in Course List

    Four people topping 2unit maths? They must all be on 100%
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    Is anyone else nervous?

    Best advice is to distract yourself. Read, watch or play something that you love, and try to remove it from your mind.
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    How to find out your overall rank in the state for a subject

    Hello. It's me. Observe the subjects below.
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    How to find out your overall rank in the state for a subject

    Hello. The person in question is me. I am very interested in everything. If given the option I would have done Physics, Modern and Drama as well lol.
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    The final day of rest.

    Tomorrow. Tomorrow is when everything changes. I'm super nervous and I'm writing this now bc I'm finding it difficult to sleep with one day away. How is everyone feeling?
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    Release of 2015 HSC Marks - Tips and Info

    Yup, I'm filming my ATAR reaction. Only uploading if it's good lol.
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    what if you do shit in advance english but good in extension english

    Yup. I'm really good at Extension but okay in Advanced, and since I have 12 units it's possible that only half of my advanced counts.
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    Talent 100 has an ATAR profiler

    tfw studies of religion 1 isn't a subject
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    3 days left till atar

    I have a plan whichever way it goes, I am confident that I'll get at least 97, yet I still can barely concentrate on anything atm. So worried about disappointment. The lesson is this kids, don't set high expectations of yourself, because you'll always fail lol.
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    HSC results Date ?

    27 hours of solid ATAR calculation websites.