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    India? Anyone? No? OK

    SHIT! No we didn't do Ireland, we did Indochina and Ho Chi Minh's guerilla gang. I hope the markers pity us.
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    India? Anyone? No? OK

    I was just wondering if anyone did India and what they thought of it. Cause I thought it was pretty hard - I did the imperialism question. Problematic.
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    General Thoughts - Modern History

    Completely agree. Especially for this modern exam. I do India so I'm just hoping the HSC Markers have sympathy for my class and the three other classes in Australia that do India.
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    German Continuers

    I had Modern and German the same as well. Having to chow down some lunch and get the horrible modern exam out of my head. :burn: I think the questions for the writing was pretty simple, I did A for the first one about writing an email to an exchange student who's coming to stay with you and for...
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    2007 Short Story Titles

    I called mine: Reflections. I know its not great or anything or very original. But it was originally called The Debacle. Changed that. Thankgod. Its about a town with a development and theres four characters who have their own opinions. Oh yerrrrrrrrrrr
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    What topic did everyone do for their major Project?

    I did mine on 'hot history' and how the public receive their first take on history from journalism. I talked about this in relation to September 11, 2001. "Journalism and September 11" I was going to do that exact project on Schindler but changed my mind at the last moment. I wish I'd done...
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    Mission Impossible: 3

    Molly is really into this. Tommy Cruise is her home boy. Molly waiting all this week for Tom Hanks to portray Robert Langdon. Molly has a thing for Toms. Molly is a pathologigal liar, she hangs down in the Bega Ghetto. Molly is the bakers delight.