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    Masters of Teaching (secondary) at ACU Strathfield

    Hi, I want to do teaching at ACU, however, I have a few questions: 1. What is the faculty of education like at ACU? Is it well respected/reputable? 2. How big is the uni campus? How many students? I come from a large uni at UNSW and heard ACU is like a big high school and I'm quite excited...
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    Hi, I'm applying for postgrad and each time I go on check and change, it says "decision pending - additional selection criteria". Now, I'm pretty sure I've submitted all the paperwork along with it. How long does it usually take for them to say I'm either eligible or not? When are offers...
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    Masters of Teaching - Working with children's check?

    Okay thanks! As for second question for those wondering in the future, I found this on their site: "A decision has not yet been made as to whether you have met the additional selection criteria for this course – check back later. If you do not know what the additional selection criteria are for...
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    Masters of Teaching - Working with children's check?

    Hi, Do I need a working with children's check in order to be eligible for a teaching degree? Also, what does "Decision pending – additional selection criteria" mean? According to UAC, there's no need to submit anything else for UTS teaching. THanks
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    Postgrad 2017

    Hi everyone, I was wondering when can you apply for postgrad 2017 on UAC. It says that "applications are open from September 2015 to August 2016" but are these applications for entry into courses next year? Thanks.
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    Petition to stop students going into debt

    Hi everyone, Turnbull is wanting people to pay back HECS debt if they live in high income households, even if they don't earn enough themselves. Please read and sign below. Thanks...
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    First time renting with no payslips.

    Hi everyone. I have some of questions about renting and finances and growing up in general so I'll do them in dot point form. 1. Can I secure a rental property without payslips? I tutor so it's cash in hand. How would I prove I can afford it? Would an employment letter suffice? 2. I get...
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    Primary or secondary

    I still don't know :( I currently tutor a year 3 kid and I love it!! But then again, I also want to teach science to the world (so high school basically :p) I'm in my last year of undergrad this year and want to do post grad in teaching. I'm looking at UNSW (current uni), UTS and ACU. The...
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    KFC job interview

    Because the holiday hasn't been booked... I'm thinking maybe a 5 days holiday during mid January instead. However, it has not been booked yet
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    KFC job interview

    Yeah me too! And thank you :) I'm applying for team member. I just moved from my old place and in need of a part time/casual job. And I have already made plans for 21st and a 10 day holiday :/ Is it safe to take this time off when it's a new job...
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    KFC job interview

    Hi, I have a job interview at KFC next week and was wondering what kind of questions they'll ask. I've never worked in fast food before. Furthermore, what do I wear to the interview. Like, I don't own any in-closed shoes (except canvas ones) so are flats okay? Lastly, do I need to bring in...
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    Demerit points and insurance

    Oh sorry! Spur of the moment typing, didn't think. Well I got pulled over, whacked with a fine and 3 demerit points. So with my license number, those 3 points go to me. But car and insurance is not mine. Therefore, will insurance be affected? Apologies for confusion.
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    Demerit points and insurance

    Hmm... well any clue on what kind of driving history check they do? But I'm not even the legal owner of this car so am I good? :/
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    Demerit points and insurance

    Hi, If I get 3 demerit points driving a car that is under my dad's name, will insurance price go up? He's with NRMA btw. Also, what happens if he decides to change the owner name to me? Oh, and I'm on P2. Thanks
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    Postgrad open day

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    Postgrad open day

    Hey guys, Does UNSW have a separate open day for postgrad? Or will it all be in the one day? Thanks.
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    SOMS supplementary exams

    Hi everyone, I do a PHAR course and was wondering, if I failed the finals, would I get to do a supp exam? Like, how does it work? Do you just get an email? Or are supp exams only for special cases for those who filled out a form? It's a hard course, just passed mid-sem (average was 57% I...
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    Post grad teaching/education qualifications?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently a 3rd year undergrad student doing science/arts and am now thinking about possible career pathways. I was thinking about social work which led me to think about teaching. What degrees/diplomas are out there that I could do after I've graduated from undergrad...
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    I'm thinking about doing this next sem for a science elective. What's the course like? I hear there are some stat components to it but I haven't done any? How disadvantaged will I be? Furthermore, what are the assessments like? Easy/hard/content heavy? Cheers
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    Can I do third year courses yet?

    I'm a 3rd year student doing a double degree. Next sem I wanna do a third year course but the prerequisite is 24UOC in that school (linguistics). By the end of this semester, I would have completed 18. Next sem I'll be doing the fourth linguistics course making up that 24UOC. Can I enrol...