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    Change in ASB Dean's List Criteria

    Has anyone found out if they got Dean's List yet?
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    Change in ASB Dean's List Criteria

    Do you think 84.125 would make Stage 2 with the newest criteria haha?
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Would you say that an 87 WAM is well sufficient for Stage 1 ASB Deans List? :)
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    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    ======================================================== Session Course Title Result ======================================================== T2 ACCT1511 Accounting & Financial Mgt 1B....86 HD T2 FINS1612 Capital Markets & Institution....85 HD T2...
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    Official UNSW S1 2017 Results

    ======================================================== T1 ACCT1501 Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A....90 HD T1 ECON1101 Microeconomics 1.................90 HD T1 LAWS1052 Introducing Law & Justice........69 CR T1 MGMT1001 Managing Organisations&People....81 DN...
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    USYD vs UNSW vs Monash

    Hey Guys, I just received my ATAR yesterday, which was lower than anticipated at 98.40. Due to this, I am newly conflicted about the university I should go to and somewhat, the course I want to do. I presently believe Commerce/Law is the best option for my course, with the three university...