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    Official UAI Thread: Post your UAI's here

    lol i got 66.55 which might not seem good at all but i didnt do anything the whole year n studied a week before hsc so my parents were overwhelmed that i didnt recieve under 30 haha....
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    Channel [V] confessional

    mmmmmm hahaha
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    Orgies at schoolies

    hahahahaha noooo
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    Orgies at schoolies

    hahaha, omg just reading all these comments is funny, schoolies is not a fuckfest...yeah there are goin to be sluts there but NORMAL people go to get drunk with friends dance shop tan etc u kno relax....i cant wait till the idiots who think they are goin to get some come back disappointed...
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    HSC paper practically identical to Catholic Trial

    i dont kno if ne1 else read but in the newspaper they took peoples comments from this forum on ancient history n accused board of studies for having similar questions to the catholic trial........sooo now they probably going to mark us harder thanks to everyones complaints. I didnt do the...
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    "The importance of historians". Hmmm...

    this question was stupid didnt like it lol...first question soooo much better n easier!!!...im finished hsc too mm doesnt feel like it hehe i still feel i should be at skool vvery odd hmf o well i jus wana get a tan now lol
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    how many pages did u write

    lol damn u wrote a lot ......mmm i have small writing that will be my excuse for the amount i wrote hehe Personality- 6 pages Society- jus completed the whole form they gave us.... Historical Period no1.- 6 pages additional Historical period- 5.5 pages
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    The 2004 HSC - Ancient History Paper

    oh now i dont feel alone i couldnt remember half the quotes i attempted learning so paraphrasing was all the markers will get from me apart from a few vague quotes here n there lol whooooooops
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    wow like not many people care about ancient history

    yeah our supervisors let us rip each section out although i was still a bit confused lol o well its done pfttt....ancient was the worst choice of my life apart from extension too much work n remembering quotes .....history aint the only subject in our lives god too much for the brain!!!!! i...
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    The 2004 HSC - Ancient History Paper

    heaps good exam...didnt really study for it jus hoped things would pop up in my head which they did!..... i did persian society in darius n xerxes reigns xerxes as my personality cyrus-darius 111 as historical period & Greece for extra historical period
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    is religion important for your HSC?

    my 1 unit of religion counts n i betta of done good cuz ive stuffed up a bit in anotha exam sooooo hmf...but r.e was an alright subject preeettty easy n not that boring to learn, wish my yr had enuf people to do 2 unit then i culda chucked off extension history worst subject of my liiiifeeeee
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    Multiple choice answers

    yeah but the white australia policy stopped multiculturalism....sooo how can there already be 3296 buddhists b4 the policy n then 411??? we didnt kick them out of our country we only prevented more from coming so how does the numbers jus decrease like that???
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    Multiple choice answers

    yeah i was tossing up between A and B for question 6...but thought what a stupid question if the answer is A because whats the point????....but oh well lol n yeh i couldnt remember if it was congregationalists or methodists who were most supportive but i knew they both were part of it n that...
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    How use all go for RE

    yeah ezy exam wooowooo........last question was stupid with its "one tradition" pft oh well......i got two more exams to go aswell ancient tomorrow n extension on friday greaaaaaaat
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    Multiple choice answers

    1-B 2-C 3-B 4-D 5-C 6-B 7-D 8-C 9-B 10-B (unsure of this one)
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    Multiple Choice

    1-d 2-d 3-a 4-b 5-c 6-b 7-c 8-a 9-c 10-d
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    Question 16 c

    yeah i thought of equity mate ad!!! haha but didnt go on about financial shit all the way thru cuz i thought equity meant equal so yeah.....but overall the paper was pretty hard compared to trials n every otha cafs paper ive done so board of studies is gayyyy god cafs is meant to be easy subject...
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    Answers to General Paper

    excuseeeee meeeeeeee can someone answer this question....how come teachers and tutors i have had over the past 2 years have told me since the board of studies changed the structure of the HSC scaling was meant to be eliminated? because it was unfair or sumshit n sooo what happned the first year...
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    scaling and the bands

    i thought that when they brought in the so called "new" hsc they were getting rid of the whole scaling aspect.....n thats why people did shit in their hsc wen this new version came out people were getting like 30 for their UAI n shit cuz no1 was being scaled anymore???? well atleast thats what...
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    Answers to General Paper

    how do u all remember ur answers for the exam lol? mmm maybe i shouldve kept the paper i told the lady to keep it cuz i didnt wana remember i eva did maths...but lookin at PC's results maybe i didnt do as good as i thought hmf oh well id be happy with 60% lol i been failing all year so anything...