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    Selling textbooks: Math physics software religion italian + free notes

    bump. prices are negotiable. buy my books :)
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    Official UNSW S1 2017 Results

    T1 ACCT1511 Accounting & Financial Mgt 1B....87 HD T1 FINS1612 Capital Markets & Institution....84 DN T1 FINS2624 Portfolio Mgmt...................91 HD T1 INFS1602 Digital Transformation in Bus....76 DN ======================================================== Term WAM...
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    UNSW 16/S2 Official Results Thread

    ======================================================== Session Course Title Result ======================================================== T2 COMP1917 Computing 1......................94 HD T2 MATH1251 Maths - Actuarial & Finance 1B...67 CR...
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    Selling textbooks: Math physics software religion italian + free notes

    Sold: Jacaranda Physics Sold: Excel Prelim Physics Sold: Fitzpatrick 4Unit
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    UNSW 2016S1 Results Thread

    T1 ACCT1501 Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A....91 HD T1 ECON1101 Microeconomics 1.................95 HD T1 FINS1613 Business Finance.................85 HD T1 MATH1151 Maths - Actuarial & Finance 1A...64 PS 83.75 wam
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    Thoughts on the MATH1151 exam

    Passed the course 4 sure so I'm happy enough.
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    Is it possible to get in anywhere with a 98.45?
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    Lost in wording with matrices

    Haha, just reminded me I have to finish those for tomorrow :)
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    Math1151 resources?

    Anymore years available for calc quiz 1?
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2016 can anyone help me locate past tests for math1151? I can find them for 1131 and 1141 in my notes booklet but none for 1151. cheers
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    How to refrain from distractions

    Willpower. Also a solution for people who lack it, such as myself, is simply not using a computer at all unless it is absolutely necessary.
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    Hsc subjects

    For the effort I put in, I am really happy with my result. By picking Italian which I was already confident in, it allowed me to dedicate a whole lot more time to my other subjects. I ended up with a 98+ atar so no complaints. My sister who grow up in a similar environment as far as exposure to...
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    Hsc subjects

    If you're confident with your italian just pick that. Being italian I picked to continuers and I'm not kidding I probably did about 15 hours study total over the whole year, including homework and what not, and got a 93. I dropped extension though because that actually required effort.
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    Hsc subjects

    How's your italian atm?
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    DAVIDGOES4WCE Miscellaneous Maths Thread

    Where does the "600 x 6" come from in the annual running costs?
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    Selling textbooks: Math physics software religion italian + free notes

    Hi guys, I am a 2015 HSC graduate. Seeing as I will no longer be needing my textbooks I figured it would be best to sell them. The books for sale are as follows: ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE If you are interested in purchasing any of these books, please send an email to: gibcam48@gmail.com...
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    Band 6 raw marks?

    For 2015 80% raw in Adv Eng got me a 90, and 73% in MX2 got me an 89. So you'll probably want to be aiming for mid 70's to get an E4 in MX2. The rest of my marks were further away from 90 so won't be as useful to you, given that you are trying to discern the cutoffs but nonetheless here they...