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    Econ1203 (Stats) Assignment Help!

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone would be able to help me go about answering the second KPI of the assignment. For the first one (asking about more than 40% of customers staying for the full week) i did a null hypothesis test and that answer seemed correct which i was happy with. However...
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    2012 School Rankings

    lol, my school dropped 50 ranks :/
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    Economics band 6's

    My school was the total opposite, so i'm going to say that no, not as many people got band 6s.
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    Help with reading results!

    exam mark = how you went in hsc exam Assess mark = how you went throughout the year hsc mark = average of the other two
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    So i have my marks...but what now?

    What is the best way to calculate what your ATAR will be? Simply put hsc marks into atar calculator then adjust it for how your school normally achieves? or.. Find out what 2011 ATARS correlated to your aggregate? or is there another way?
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    ATAR estimate (internal ranks and aligned marks)

    I remember i tried to calculate my aligned marks just after the exams so to be honest i don't remember exactly what raw mark i predicted i'd get, but, business and eco were both mid 80s (83-85ish), and for 3U i'm pretty confident i got 48-51/70.
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    ATAR estimate (internal ranks and aligned marks)

    A quick ATAR estimate would be great. I attend a school ranked 138 in 2011 and have 12 units in total. My internal ranks are: Business Studies - 5/92 Economics - 4/33 English Advanced - 53/155 Mathematics - 11/70 Maths Ext. 1 - 18/33 Modern History - 16/53 (probably wont count) Studies of...
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    Hard out stressing. Help with ATAR estimation.

    Like the above posts have said, you don't put raw marks into the calculator, you put the aligned marks.
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    Studies of Religion I

    I'm pretty sure you would've been told this because just about no one predicted that they would revert back to the pre-2009 questions. Almost every teacher was expecting an open-ended question where you had the scope to talk about all three. You may be right, but im 99.9% sure you were limited...
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    Studies of Religion I

    It specifically said 'significant PERSON' for a reason. You would only talk about all 3 on a broader question
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    Studies of Religion I

    Can someone please post the questions for multiple choice? We didn't get to take this exam home
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    Band 6 cut off this year?

    Probably 83
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    Section II - National Studies

    No, but different topics (ie Germany vs Russia) do affect the scaling/aligning iirc depending on which has easier/more difficult questions.
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    Section I – World War I

    I actually think i got zero for MC....sigh atleast i do 12 units!
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    Section II - National Studies

    @Enoilgam - What would you have written about for the rise of hitler question?
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    Section I – World War I

    As if it would've been that...