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    Changing methods of dealing with disease

    Here are my thoughts, please critique them: The shift from treatment/control to management/prevention Examples of the shift from treatment/control to management/prevention include: GM plants, such as Bt cotton, to kill caterpillar pests Quarantine, which seeks to prevent a disease from...
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    Evidence for pathogens and insect pests

    Hey, so for the bio prac, I examined the following: Common spot of strawberry: dark spots on leaves and fruit of strawberry plants; caused by a fungus African black beetles in grass: a tuft of grass was pulled from the ground; the shoots were yellow/brown, and there were bite marks around...
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    Quarantine question

    Here are my thoughts on quarantine, please evaluate them: - Quarantine plays an invaluable role in reducing the spread of in and within Australia - However, quarantine by itself itsn't enough to achieve this goal - also needs vaccination, public diligent in avoiding infected locations, etc...
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    Strategies to reduce the spread of disease

    Is my understanding of the following correct? Public health programs: - e.g., the Grim Reaper campaign in the 1980s in Australia, which sought to make people aware of the seriousness of HIV/AIDS and its rapid spread in the community; informed people that HIV can spread from unprotected sex...
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    What are the key features of epidemiology?

    Any suggestions? I've already got: - statistical analysis - large sample size (tens of thousands of people) - the use of control groups, e.g., smokers vs non-smokers - can often involve meta-analyses, where multiple studies are compared - consistent trends/results - longitudinal...
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    Help: HSC question

    Better quality nutrition can cause genes to be expressed to stimulate children to grow taller. More sunlight can cause genes to be expressed that cause more melanin production in human skin.
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    A question which I cant do..

    Koch applied Koch's postulates to identify a particular type of bacteria as a cause of anthrax in sheep. He examined infected sheep's blood under a microscope and noticed that they contain these bacteria. He infected healthy sheep with same bacteria, and they also developed anthrax.
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    Interstate quarantine

    Interstate quarantine involves: - designated food bins at domestic airports and highway border stops - many food items (e.g., fruits) are prohibited from entry into other states in order to reduce the possible spread of fruit flies - other items such as soil, wool, wood, etc. may also be...
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    Recently developed biopolymer

    Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) - trade name Biopol - A bacterial plastic - Originally made from the Alcaligenes eutrophus bacterium - However, recent research as looked at making the plastic from GM E coli because E coli grows and replicates much quicker - A. eutrophus is grown on a high nitrate and...
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    The impact of improved measurement technologies

    So there is a dot point asking to assess the impact of improvements in measurement technologies on our understanding of celestial objects. My understanding is as follows....does anyone have anything to add to criticize?? The ability to more accurately measure radiation from outer space has...
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    What are the advantages of photoelectric technologies over photographic methods?

    My understanding is this: - quicker to collect and store information - photographic film takes time to be developed - the results can be more easily digitised, providing more convenient analysis - photographic plates only detect certain wavelengths, whereas photoelectric technologies e.g. CCDs...
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    Colour index question

    Colour index, CI = B - V Does B = the apparent or absolute magnitude through a blue filter? Does V = the apparent or absolute magnitude through a yellow-green filter?
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    Magnitude, luminosity and brightness question

    I my understanding of magnitude, luminosity and brightness correct? Luminosity: the total power output of a star Brightness: the amount of radiant light that reaches an observer (either from earth or from 10pc away, depending) Magnitude: the brightness of a star, either from earth...