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    2004 HSC Society and Culture Results

    92. band 6. AWESOME!!!
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    just wondering, what's your uai goal range & course preference?

    i'd rather do a course that i love, rather than do a course that i hate because my uai is high or low. i dont think the hsc indicates your skills, i know a lot of successful hsc people who are failing in life...
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    HSC 2004: which school will top?

    i had mr hume in yr9 for history! hes so kewl, and so random, as in he says things without reason! hes awesome! evry1 luvs him @ mcc! :D
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    Who thinks they failed?

    true.. lets just agree to disagree
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    Theories of social change

    it took me ages to learn the postmodernist theory, i used it in the exam. i just hope i got it right!
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    when do we get our STAT test results

    i got 71 for the RET, which is what i reckon my uai will be. compared to most people, its crap, but i did my best and im happy :uhhuh:
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    HSC 2004: which school will top?

    gotsta luv penno (my grammar heaps good, no?!!!), im a westie thru and thru, i cant stand when people knock us and call us yobbos, or make fun of our schools etc, etc...grrr! :vcross: yeah, i just finished @ mcc, who is ur dad? i'd probably know him...
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    just wondering, what's your uai goal range & course preference?

    im aiming for 70's coz thats the best i can do. ive worked my arse off, and i know there are hundreds of people in the state who wont have to work very hard and will slide in to the 90's, coz i know some personally. i think that i can get into arts/psych at uws which is the course i want, and i...
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    HSC 2004: which school will top?

    penrith does ok, they top the western area out here every year...meh, my skool wont even get close so i dont care. my bet is on ruse for sure, and north syd girls will get top 5...
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    Final rankings

    advanced english: 16/48 english extension 1: 4/8 english extension 2: 3/3 biology: 3/25 sor: 9/80 society and culture: 1/8 mathematics: 24/26 maths not a strong point! lol! but im happy with the rest, even tho i came last in english extension 2, but i only came last by 1 mark so i...
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    Theories of social change

    you can also apply a postmodernist theory to vietnam. jo has written an example in the heinemann textbook which is actually quite helpful if anyone is interested
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    Equality and Difference

    we did focus on gender on women in indonesia, theres a lot of info available on it if any1 is stuck. its the topic that is covered in the heinemann text book as well, and it goes into a lot of detail if thats of any use to anyone...
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    How many pages did you guys do?

    i do 1 unit, and we studied ethics, and specifically bioethics. i was pretty bummed that they didnt ask anything about bioethics coz i studied it more than conscience/authority in the church (whatever..). anyhoo, i did one and a half booklets, i may have done more if our supervisor wasnt so...
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    What The Hell Is Ecumenical Development???

    theyve asked a similar question in the past. ecumenism is joining together to work towards a common goal or purpose. i wrote about the anglican church coz that seemed the obvious choice.
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    Multiple Choice: Q9

    i put wwII coz it sounded logical, and the christain churches were divided about ww1.my teacher thinks that was the answer anyway...so thats wot im hoping
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    Multiple choice answers

    i thought english extension was gayer actually!!! i hated the format of that exam so much! but still, this exam was pretty shit:vcross: . i dont think the examiners this year are in a good mindframe, they must want us all to crash and burn or something!
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    i studied the labour movement for a long time and IT WASNT IN THERE!!! :mad: oh well... i wrote something bout interfaith dialogue in the question on society and christianity. the ecumenism one was ok, i just wrote about the anglican church
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    Unusally Hard?

    i think i will pass. i thought the short answer questions were very ambiguous and i had no idea what to write, but hopefully, some of the stuff i mentioned gets me somewhere. i need religion to count so im praying for a good mark. i thought the essay question was pretty easy and the multiple...
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    social change?

    i wrote about inter-faith dialogue between christian churches and islamic traditions since september 11th. it was the only thing i could think of at the time. i talked to my teacher afterwards and she thinks that it was so broad that it doesnt matter what you wrote, so long as you identified...
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    ecumenical development

    i talked about the uniting church. i think most ppl at my skool did too...it seemed a little too obvious though, but im sure they cant mark u wrong for it (i hope!) *crosses fingers*!