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    Stop teachers from finding out hsc marks

    There's really not much point in hiding from your marks. You've already expressed regret at taking the easy way out with your lack of study earlier, so why do it this time? The teachers will look at your marks, perhaps have a little laugh at your misfortune if they disliked you a lot and move on...
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    French Beginners HSC exam

    I said people that wanted to support the disadvantaged, was that what it was for? xD I have no idea probably failed haha. I didnt say fans of the bands because he didnt know what bands before hand just that they were meant to be popular ones.
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    Section III - Personalities

    I did Hatshepsut. Fairly easy though that will perhaps be what trips me up haha. I was not expecting a "why" question which made me have to stop and think about it a bit more.
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    Module C

    Re: lol at my friend doing 2 related for module C Aw I'm sure it will end up fine. My friend maybe not so much... they saw you didn't have to use the stimulus for creative writing so just put their prepared story in. It wasn't till afterwards they read the q properly and realised it had to be...
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    Module B Hate Thread

    Hamlet made me want to pull my eyes out. ;(
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    UMAT 2011 Discussion Thread

    Re: UMAT 2011 Discussion Thread [OFFICIAL] How did everyone go in umat? I got 83 percentile, pretty happy cause I thought I completely failed it. Don't want to do med, applied to a few physio/optom courses.
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    Holy f**k umat

    UMAT tomorrow, good luck to everyone!
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    Residential College - International House

    I'm hoping to stay in a college in melbourne next year as well, haven't decided which for first preference yet though.
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Bonne chance boastfulpolecat! C'est des débutants ou non?
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    Holy f**k umat

    Yeah they have one in Mildura, that's where I'm doing my UMAT.
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    Who is starting to stress?

    Stressing quite a bit, and my trials aren't even until weeks 5/6. Mostly about my upcoming French oral, doing that subject through distance education does not make it easy.
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Bonjour! J'étudie le français de débutants. Je suis très nerveux de l'oral le mois suivant! J'espère que je fait d'accord. En ce moment j'ai le problème avec les verbes transitifs et les compléments d'objet directs. Je ne comprends pas dans l'anglais, sans parler du français!