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    When are you going to start revising for the Half-Yearlies?

    I would recommend studying pretty hard for those half-yearly exams, rather than cramming for them. This way, you won't need to study this earlier stuff again too carefully before your trials. In the July break, you will have more work than you bargain for, especially if you're a umat candidate.
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    Relevance of syllabus dot points

    What specific extra information do you mean? Some of it can be chucked into long (6-8mk) answers in your trials/hsc.
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    Medicine worth it?

    so if im doing science med at usyd (7 years), how much will that come to under new government policy?
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    Can you be a doctor without an atar of 99.95

    Undergrad med at unsw/monash is really hard to get into. You need a good atar and a good umat, then perform well at the interview. Tbh if you're aiming for one of them exclusively, save your soul and go for pstgrad. If you're happy to trek out to newcastle/une/uws (which are good unis for med)...
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    UAC application question

    If you have submitted all relevant documentation for the uni courses you have applied for, then no you've done everything you need to do until offers come out. And I don't think it matters if you change or not, because you will get an offer for the highest preference you are eligible for...
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    Recommended laptop for Uni

    Srs i know nothing about computers... i realise that was a rather foolish question.. so like either mac or pc is okay?
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    Where/when do we get info about our scaled marks and what units contributed to ATAR?

    Re: Where/when do we get info about our scaled marks and what units contributed to AT I only got it in the mail.
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    2015 Latin

    Hey p0llex I also just finished latin extension this year and im curious why dont you think it will count if you are ranked first!!
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    Recommended laptop for Uni

    Is USYD friendlier to macs or windows computers or do they not really care?
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    Latin Continuers/Extension 2014

    If anyone is reading this who is currently doing Latin, post any questions here.. I presume a few people with state ranks will be able to help you out!!
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    Who got state ranks?

    I think Sydney Grammar got the most? Them latin and greeks... 18/20 state ranks :O
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    Who got state ranks?

    I'm so gullible I defs don't deserve to be on that list. It's tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day. Good luck everyone!!
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    Who got state ranks?

    Wait did all rounders lists come out already? Damn. :(
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    Predictions for Chemistry 2014 HSC?

    Is there another word for nebulisation cos I swear I have never heard that word b4..
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    Predictions for Chemistry 2014 HSC?

    When was the last time they asked for a named chemist and their role?
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    Predictions for Chemistry 2014 HSC?

    Yes but it got lead in it.
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    Structuring a Latin essay

    I am not sure, because my teacher hasn't really taught us either, but I think the main thing is to answer the question succinctly, much like an English essay. Introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. Use the passage they give you for inspiration. But if your HSC isn't until next year...
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    Latin Continuers/Extension 2014

    Oh wow I thought we had a small cohort haha! PM me for details sorry :P
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    Latin Continuers/Extension 2014

    I am surprised to see how many latin students there are this year! How big are everyone's cohorts? Mine's 40 strong thereabouts.
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    Trials results?

    Don't worry about your creatives! You seem to be pulling the essays off well enough to not need to worry. And your other marks.. well done!