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    Personal experience / Public knowledge

    ok ok i knoooooooow im a dumbarse but can someone just run by me what they wrote so i can check if i got it right, cos i've never heard 'public knowledge' used as a sac term
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    Theories of social change

    i just had an emergency learn everything the night before class with my teacher and she's still sticking to just using modern ev theory. i think maybe i might just fleetingly mention early ev theory in context as a comparison to today so my arse i covered but not waste precious seconds...
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    Did any girls do physics this year?

    of course i dont im interested in getting an idea of the ratio thats all. and if there are many girls here in the forum. what u mean bout the syllabus freakin_out? its girl friendly?!!
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    Theories of social change

    hmmm ok lemme think a moment... ok ok so would you firstly discuss the theories ie. early and mod, then relate them both to your focus? or would you say...early ev theory used to be used explain change and cont but changes in value systems (or something) or effects of globalisation maybe (?)...
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    Question 2 - anyone?

    i finished mid word..."During JFK's presidenc...." with a big scrawl. damn analog clocks thought i had 1 minute left!!
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    Question 1!!

    i spent an hour trying to come to grips with what you just stated in probably 4 and a half seconds. i am humbled.
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    Did any girls do physics this year?

    well? did they?
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    Cold War

    i thought the questions were very narrow, and i went back to the syllabus and i think it just confirms what i felt - though definitely in the syllabus, part a was based on half a dot point, and part b is more a personality study. for 30 marks i don't think they were effective questions in...
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    Theories of social change

    im doing evolutionary theory, but have always learnt its as stage 1. early evolutionary ie from darwinian theory, linear, all change is progress, hunter gatherer to agrarian to industrial, thus industrial is the goal, simple society to complex. then stage 2. modern evolutionary theory, multi...
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    PIP Topics - What did everyone chose?

    hey guys i did "Product of Deutschland" -investigation into the modern german identity. like the reality of living with shame v. world's perceptions of arrogant german bastards. sounds boring against everyone elses, was very intellectual rather than popular but i still love it its my baby...