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    Work/Snowboarding USA in Christmas Hols?

    Thanks snowbunny, ive seen heavenly and it looks awesome. Yeah i originally wanted to go to Canada but cant because every place requires 4 months so i figured Jasper could wait until after uni! It would be great if i could snatch an instructor job tho i have been in contact with the resort and...
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    Work/Snowboarding USA in Christmas Hols?

    Hey, I'm planning to work and snowboard at a US resort from december until the end of feb this coming Christmas holidays and was wondering if anyone has done this before and has any helpful hints they could give me!! Possible places i'd like to be at include: Mammoth mtn, Aspen, Jackson...
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    Aussie Hip Hop

    Hey, Whats your fave aussie hip hoppers? Some of my ultimates are: Downsyde The Hilltop Hoods The Herd Urthboy Koolism Butterfingers Pegz 2UP Bliss n Eso TZU
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    Lineup for o -week???

    boooooo. Butterfingers are original, i guess you don't like quality aussie hip hop then? Its commercial, unoriginal, copycat 'artists' that are a crime against sound.
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    Lineup for o -week???

    oh damn!! unsw has an awesome list of bands. I love Butterfingers, we better get some quality
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    Anyone heard of skimboarding (WAVERIDING)

    hey, do u mean using skim boards to surf? Thatd be pretty hard if u werent being towed, don't u sink it too much?? My mates and i skim and skurf off boats and thats fine but i couldnt imagine paddling in on a skimboard, be mad if it worked tho
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    Surfers? hello? guys? girls?

    yeeeew! haven't been on this forum for ages but looks like there's a few more surfers.
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    Lineup for o -week???

    Sorry if this has been covered but does anyone know any bands that'l be playing in o-week? I hope its better than last year's o-week
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    What to ya do on flat days, or weeks at present?

    Surf looks like a lake, what do ya do? I reckon golfs always good, or a skate, or playing music.
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    Does anyone know how to surf?

    hahahaha i cant believe this thread is still going. just to make some jealous, i will say that i now have 5wks holidays and intend to surf the shit out of myself. oh and claire- why the agressive attitude, if u see a bodyboarder that is acting like a cockhead- then yeah take it out on the...
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    Does anyone know how to surf?

    haha like ur logic atticus! yeah pity im workin, but will be going for the early Sunday, should be a bit of swell by then too
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    Does anyone know how to surf?

    Mate, have to disagree with u there on that one! Me and most of my mates that surf love AUSSIE hip hop and its starting to gain popularity, and i reckon it suits surf vids too, i've even heard Downsyde in one vid!! But don't get me wrong, punk and other rock is still awesome. In fact i'd say...
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    Surf Trip Destinations

    Thanks for the suggestions atticus. You've got alota booger waves on that list- do u just bodyboard or do ya surf too? Mystics is right by the farm hey? such a good slection of waves around there.
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    Surf Trip Destinations

    Did i say i was a pro, i don't think so. Shipsterns is pretty crazy and besides im lookin to milk the last bit of warmth not freeze my ass of in a hood and booties.
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    Surf Trip Destinations

    Thinking of heading off on a road trip in uni hols for a few weeks of winter surf. Anyone been anywhere good? At this stage im thinking -Goldy -NSW North Coast to Coffs -Poss. Perth
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    yeah, what are u on about? Surfings damn easy to fit with school, i know i got about 2 surfs a week in year 12, and now at uni am getting about 3. School is nothing, i'm worried about work!
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    Surfers...Whats your favourite wave

    Good old North Narra- when its good, its dang good. And the farm down in Wollongong, u feel like ur in Scotland or somethin looking out at the cliffs...... until u catch a glimse of the smoke pouring out of the industrial area
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    Can anyone access WebCt?

    i cant get into the chem101 site either, im hoping everyone has the same prob, so that quizator deadline is extended, i tried for like 2 hrs yesterday, nothing, i hate computers
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    Whiteout anyone???

    Hey, who's going to the alpine clubs pre season party at cockle bay? Can under 18's go?
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    Environmental Sc. Course Structure???

    Hey, Im doing my first year of Enviro Sc this year and have a question on the course structure. In the Physical Geo coherant, do you HAVE to do 9cp of either/or Maths, comp, stat and Physics or is that just RECOMMENDED in Pg 146 of the handbook. I have planned on doing 6cp- in Stat170 and...