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    Is NGO and Sons good?

    Define 'good'.
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    Higher Level Integration Marathon & Questions

    I think you guys should enrol in Extreme Integration (MATH1052), or if you're feeling ambitious try Insane Integration (MATH3025)! PM me for details.
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    VCE Maths questions help

    I guarantee you boredsatan will not follow these. __________this is planned. He will follow these rules to prove me wrong. §§§
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    need help with biopol info!!!!!

    Read the second paragraph (Uses in Relation to Properties) of that response. You get two main properties: biocompatibility and biodegradability, along with their uses.
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    VCE Maths questions help

    5/10/17 6/10/17 28/10/17 Give a demonstration of how you would do it.
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    VCE Maths questions help

    Do you understand why?
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    COMP2511, 3821 & 6841 (OOP, Ext. Algos, Ext. Security). Should I underload?

    This is a worthless comment. It depends on the person.
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    Are you Ugly?

    How do you know Gabrielle Miller is considered "beautiful" to all people?
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    Are you Ugly?

    Yeah, you are right. Need to clarify what is being measured. Assuming little error in those estimated probabilities, how did you even come up with that? Sure, it may make sense intuitively but have you verified it? Have you confirmed that those numbers are indeed true?
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    Are you Ugly?

    Mate, "hotness" is subjective. If you want to argue "hotness", then you lay must out an definition that would reach objectivity. Also, Gabrielle Miller is not necessarily "hot" for everyone. It's all a matter of opinion. Cheryl Cole beats her in my books.
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    Vector space pls help

    Woops, arithmetic error. Thanks, I will take note of that in the future.
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    Vector space pls help

    Still astonishing that you remember this stuff. Unfortunately, your basis cannot produce x^2 - x - 2. _____________________________________________ \begin{align*}p(1) = 0 &\iff (x-1)(ax + b) = 0 \quad [\text{where }a,b \in \mathbb{C}]\\ &\iff ax(x-1)-b(x-1) = 0 \\ &\iff \mathrm{span}\{x-1...
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    Vector space pls help

    2 b) is a subspace. What do you need to prove for 2 c) to be a subspace?
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    why does going to the psychologist cost money

    Instead of flossing your teeth, psychologists floss your brain. Flossing the brain takes work and most people are not going to do it for free.
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    Limiting reagent

    Have you resolved your problem?
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    Limiting reagent

    The stoichiometric ratio should be 1:2:1:2... This school has lost all credibility. This means you would need to halve the n(KI) (or double n(Pb(NO3)2) if you want to compare like that) (WHY?) which leads to KI being the limiting reagent. Essentially, the balance equation tells us that 1...
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    Trigonometry discovered to have come from Babylonians 1500 years before the Greeks

    Re: Trigonometry discovered to have come from Babylonians 1500 years before the Greek Go UNSW!!
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    HSC Physics Videos - What do you want?

    Upon searching "fizzycyst" on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYHJDAmOL3OTyxeM9V_xC1g
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    Please help!!!! :)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu7hmiIR2aQ Has the tools that you want.
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    Inequality question

    Why would they do such a thing? Need to flip equation, introducing more negatives...