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  1. Persephone87

    GOVT1105 Assignment

    yeah with quantitative, i took the guess that it included maps but what confuses me is comparative evidence....isnt that what we find by examining the articles and what we come up with? stupid assessment.
  2. Persephone87

    GOVT1105 Assignment

    I just feel as though im doing it superficially...that and sometimes im not quite sure what ARE the main arguments! And the evidences...i'm not seeing it! ah well. Only the first assignment :p
  3. Persephone87

    GOVT1105 Assignment

    i'm stuck at 500 wrds its all in my brain somewhere, except my brain has been on holiday for almost 5 months what topics is everyone doing? im doing europe
  4. Persephone87

    GOVT1105 Assignment

    lol, im so out of the studying swing, i havent started this assignment yet....oh well, joy to the last minute effort!!
  5. Persephone87

    Finding rooms

    The Storie Dixon wing was almost impossible for me to find :(
  6. Persephone87

    What do ppl do when u have hrs free?

    I have three days with four hour breaks, tried to change my timetable and there is nothing to do about it. That is seriously uncool. What do I do? The Library, Broadway...its just so boring.
  7. Persephone87

    how do YOU flirt

    Your Seduction Style: Ideal Lover You seduce people by tapping into their dreams and desires. And because of this sensitivity, you can be the ideal lover for anyone you seek. You are a shapeshifter - bringing romance, adventure, spirituality to relationships. It all depends on who your...
  8. Persephone87


    lol that is all.
  9. Persephone87

    do you guys feel ready??

    I feel like I have been atrophying for the past two weeks. However, I am slightly apprehensive, but its mostly butterflies-in-the-stomach excitement
  10. Persephone87

    what happens if your timetable clashes?

    I had the same problem with intermediate french and power and society lectures being on at the same time. I ended up changing to Geopolitics instead of Power and Society.
  11. Persephone87

    Lecture pad or exercise book

    Um, I was planning to use the same system ive been using for years....A4 sized binder folders and paper. Now, with all these mentionings of using random scaps of paper make me feel like a nerd.
  12. Persephone87

    Which clubs/societies did you join today?

    Me too! I dont know why, Im only a quater greek...I think I joined it for the Baklava. I also joined SUBSKI and FMAA, but am thinking of withdrawing from the second, because I dont have anything to do with marketing! I got conned! I wanted to join the french society but I couldnt find it!
  13. Persephone87

    Timetables Are Out!

    My Studies, scroll down, and theres this whole thing on timetables, click the link, and then go to personal timetable but we cant make changes to it yet :(
  14. Persephone87

    Timetables Are Out!

    I have a clash between my intermediate french and power and society lectures! :(:( Where do you get info for potential other lecture and tut times?
  15. Persephone87

    For the old and new are you doing the degree your originally intended?

    Im doing my first preference, but it turned out not to be what I really wanted to do...Liberal Studies (International) is what I want
  16. Persephone87

    If you could go to any university in the world where would it be an why?

    Universite Libre de Bruxelles, because I love belgium, or SciencesPo in Paris.
  17. Persephone87


    Yeah, I would be doing english I think. I feel a bit retarded though, because what if I tell them what I think is not necessarily right? And how to look professional?
  18. Persephone87

    What do we do in lecture?

    hahahahah repped.
  19. Persephone87


    Im thinking of becoming a tutor to HSC students of my former subjects, but I am wondering, what does a person exactly do when they tutor? Is it just generally going over the texts, giving a set list of techniques or something? Like, do I give them notes I've written or help them make their own...
  20. Persephone87

    Asquithian was right.

    sounds like an oxymoron.