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    FINS 2624 online quiz 8 help!!!

    It should be both weak and semi-strong strong incorporates insider and all private information into the stocks price. Hence you cannot make abnormal profits with that information. EDIT: My friends have attempted this questions and weak,semi-strong,strong have been marked incorrect. Its either...
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    ECON2206 MID SEM

    Maybe try ask on http://www.unswbsoc.com/forum
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    Do you have to pass Finals to pass the course?

    Does maths 1151 scale well ?
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    How to become a stockbroker?

    if only :sigh
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    Which is the best uni for business/commerce/economics?

    Re: is commerce better at Usyd or UNSW ??? plz end this once and for all.... pretty much most rankings are based on research An employer would take a HD student from syd over a D from unsw and vice versa either uni will not disadvantage you
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    UWS med students

    neither is umat ?
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    ACCT1501 and MATH1131/41 Online Tests.

    Did you skip first year ? wow The only reason why i even replied to this thread after my first post was because you said that 9/10 was shit WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU to tell me that my marks are shit ?
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    ACCT1501 and MATH1131/41 Online Tests.

    Lol edit: we do different topics/ some topics in different order I have a friend that went from 1141 to 1151 a few weeks ago so i would know what level each is at How did you come to teh conclusion that
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    ACCT1501 and MATH1131/41 Online Tests.

    actually the 4 maths tests are worth in total 4% so each test is worth 1% of your final (for 1151 anyway) getting 0.9% instead of 1% makes essentially no difference lol lol edit : I was (and still am) unaware that both tommykins and kaz1 do 1151 and also got 10/10
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    ACCT1501 and MATH1131/41 Online Tests.

    got 9/10 for maths 1151 :( and 20/20 for acct :)
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    if you appeal every exam they cant set a benchmark of your standard performace. You need at least one assesment where you dont appeal AND to have approved appeals on almost every assessment is highly unlikely :)
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    She would have to prove illness/misadventure Its not that easy
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    Good Universities Guide 2011

    ask shadowdude . . .
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    MGMT1101/ECON1101/ECON1203 - UNSW Commerce Textbooks [All 3 cores] for sale.

    isnt mgmt1001 $72.86 brand new http://www.bookshop.unsw.edu.au/cgi-bin/bookweb/subject2?subject1=mgmt1001&Submit=Submit+Query
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    writing csc instead of cosec?

    On each question requiring complex numbers i actually wright cos θ + i sin θ = cis θ once then use cis θ for the rest of the question
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    Find all posts by someone

    Any update on this ?
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    Area by integration question

    cool down bro i was jk :P