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  1. the_matrix

    Truth about BIT Co-op

    Hey I know this is a little late but if you do the BScIT with the Diploma it is pretty much the same as BIT - main difference is BIT requires you to take certain subjects which are not compulsory in the BScIT. The good news is that a lot of BIT students I know can't do anything technical for the...
  2. the_matrix

    Data Structures and Algorithsm

    Does anyone know what this subject is like now (how difficult, time consuming, easy/hard to pass, etc.) I heard the previous course coordinator was an arse who got reported multiple times and failed 50% of his students. Also wondering if anyone knows about the new Intro to Software...
  3. the_matrix

    Problem with deciding a major

    If you're into design/graphics you can do the games development major with the interaction design major (teaches you about UI/UX and whatnot) as the BScIT allows up to 2 full majors. A mate of mine says you can also get a graduate job as a programmer/software engineering in case you don't get a...
  4. the_matrix

    Computer science at UTS UNSW or USYD...your experiences/opinions?

    I know this question was asked more than 6 months ago but since this is such a popular question on this and other forums as well as career markets and open days and whatnot, I would like to share my insight on UTS Bachelor of Computing Science for any aspiring CS students! From what I know and...
  5. the_matrix

    UTS networking essentials vs networking fundamentals

    I did essentials and it was very chaotic in the first half of the session. From what I heard from my friends who did Fundamentals, there are slight differences such as essentials use packet tracer to make networks whilst fundamentals use Wireshark and python. Essentials use the Cisco NetAcademy...
  6. the_matrix

    Can a Learner still drive the car if their supervisor isnt directly beside them

    I'm 99% sure they have to be in the front seat directly next to the learner driver, in NSW at least.
  7. the_matrix

    Selling MATH1131 and MATH1231 course packs

    Please check your inbox!
  8. the_matrix

    Selling MATH1131 and MATH1231 course packs

    Course packs cover content for MATH1131 and MATH1231 and their higher versions (i.e. MATH1141 and MATH1241, so if you do MATH1141 you still buy the same course pack as MATH1131). They are from 2015 but still 100% relevant as I recently did these courses. Both packs have been used only once and...
  9. the_matrix

    UTS Eng + Diploma Prof. Prac (drop the diploma?)

    I know you can drop the Diploma that comes with BScIT in the final year, but I'm not sure for engineering. Best to call student centre and ask.
  10. the_matrix

    The Official UTS Subject Reviews Thread (Table of Contents on First Post)

    Degree: Bachelor of Science in IT Subject Name: Programming Fundamentals Subject Number: 48023 Faculty: FEIT Semester: Spring 2017 Ease: 8/10 Lecturer: 6/10 Raymond Lister - he's a pretty lazy lecturer, some of the concepts he explains well, other concepts not so well Tutor: 7/10 Al - your...
  11. the_matrix

    Networking Essentials notes

    Does anyone know if making study notes based off the weekly Chapter Preparation activities and Discussion topics is enough for the quizzes, assignments, and final exam in this course? (i.e. enough to pass the subject at least) or should I be using NetAcad only to make notes (so far it has taken...
  12. the_matrix

    To all those who went to selective high schools

    You meet people who get angry at you when you get a higher mark than them (they're usually the ones getting hella high marks) and then try to 'bully' you but obviously they're too physically weak to do sh*t so they will try to verbally bully you using the Oxford dictionary they have in their...
  13. the_matrix

    I can't tell if my private tutor is helping?

    when i went english tutoring my tutor and i worked on analysing texts and writng essays together - the essay was more of me writing it up and my tutor would edit it and suggest improvements until it was at a good standard. They provided me resources like sample texts and examples of band 6...
  14. the_matrix

    Army Reserve

    Assuming you're at least 18, you'd be too old to join Cadets. By life experience, they mean get a job, do something outside of your study/school - and I mean a job preferably irrelevant to your degree. My friend's full time application got postponed due to this lack of 'life experience'. Kapooka...
  15. the_matrix

    Networking Essentials CCNA

    I heard that the Networking Essentials course at UTS IT is the Cisco CCNA course. Does this mean if I pass the course I am also given a CCNA certificate? since I technically paid for this UTS course lol..
  16. the_matrix

    Transfer to UTS

    I'm from UNSW wanting to transfer to UTS Bachelor of Science in Information Technology next semester, I've only done 1 semester of study (this semester) not 1 whole year - is this okay? I mean from my understanding they just won't consider my WAM and results from UNSW, but my 2016 ATAR meets...
  17. the_matrix

    Enrol for Sem 2?

    I'm planning to transfer to UTS in Sem 2, should I still enrol for UNSW Sem 2 courses in case my transfer is unsuccessful? Also do I have to tell any UNSW staff/website that I'm transferring to UTS or will UAC take care of this? Thanks.
  18. the_matrix

    Delay Discrete Maths until 3rd year?

    Is it okay to delay discrete math (MATH1081) until 3rd year? It's a core course in my degree but it is only a prerequisite for: - COMP2111 System modelling and design - COMP6714 Information retrieval and web search
  19. the_matrix

    CSE camp refund?

    I'm quite sick atm and don't think I can make it to camp this weekend. Does CSE provide full refunds? I've sent an email to CSE but I'm asking here because for some reason CSE takes forever to reply.