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  1. Shmacka

    next semester tutorial registration

    Does anyone actually know when their tute reg opens? Cause i got screwed over this semester and got some dud times. So ive got mine all planned out for when it opens
  2. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    Doesnt matter. Arsenal is past it. Henry will move either this or next season. Hes had hsi fun. Chelsea will win easily. And Liverpool will come 3rd
  3. Shmacka

    Best Song 2004

    That is a shit list. like really shit. Really really shit...
  4. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    true but wengers a complete fuck. he whinges at anything that doesnt make arse look good. hes a wanker. one of the few people in the world i hate
  5. Shmacka

    Can't you have a long relationship without s_x??

    Sex is fun. Its pretty awesome really. It makes relationship stronger, and is very good. Now i leave
  6. Shmacka

    relationships and schoolies

    Im going with my gf to the entrance. No problemo with her. Shes a good girl.
  7. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    Thats what i'm saying about the Mutu case and drugs in general. FA is fucked enough on its own, but pleading guilty gets you a shorter sentence than when u havent done anything wrong. Please explain? You do drugs = shorter sentence. Don't do it = longer sentence.
  8. Shmacka

    Italin cont

    THe listening was insane. Those guys were all on speed. I couldnt understand some of it but i managed to write a fair bit for all of em, and filled up the space. THe rest was pretty good. I finished with 20 mins
  9. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    Mutu got 7 months. Ferdinand got 8 months just for not showing up, and Bosnich got 9 months. WTF is wrong with the FA. Traore is 24. Didnt think he was as young as 22. Checked on lfc site. Diao is useless, and keeps fucking up. We have an abundance of mids and he should go. I sold him in CM...
  10. Shmacka

    Che Fusto

    It would be so funny if someone did though, and the girl heard it. :D
  11. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    Forza Juve! Havent let a goal in in the Champs League yet. I don't know how Del Piero keeps his place in the starting lineup. Hes a shadow of his former self. And weve now got Ibra to do the trickery, Nedved to take the free kicks, we just need a plain out and out striker, Zalayeta. SHould...
  12. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    You call yourself Italian!? Anywho, Ronaldinhos goal was absolute class. Hes the kind of forward teams need who brings out something special and wins the game and the crowd. Did you see the emotion on his face? He was about to cry. Thats passion and love for the game. Heres a league i...
  13. Shmacka

    ways to bring the stress down

    Seriously all jokes aside, having a bat is so awesome for it. Its such a stress relief. I listen to Tool. So peaceful and insane. Listen to DRT and your good! Also go for a run up the park or something, it lets your body shake out and be at one with nature.
  14. Shmacka

    Halo 2 Midnight Launch

    Any of you fuckers getting up for it? I'll be at Westfield Parra for it. I'm so fired up for it, my last exam is this friday. Non-stop gaming summer
  15. Shmacka

    Guitar anyone?

    Yeah i use my pinky a fair bit actually. Songs like Hyper Music (Muse), Remember to breather (DC), Wish you were here (Incubus)
  16. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    Ahhh shite. I was getting all geared up for a Parra Stadium home ground. That would have been awesome for me as its only around 20 minutes drive from my house. I could get the train or bus if i wanted. Though Aussie would be a smart choice in the long run with a proposed expanding league ie...
  17. Shmacka

    Guitar anyone?

    Nirvana is pretty simple. Metallica though is a bit weird. My problem is my fingers. They arent the biggest and sometimes i have trouble with strength and stretching.
  18. Shmacka

    Skiing vs Snowboarding

    Went skiing first year i went to the snow. it was fun but seems restrictive. Changed to Snowboarding the next year, stuck with it for 5 years since. When you get better and are confident it is awesome fun. Jumping off any little mound you can find. My brother and i go through the forest and...
  19. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    Yeah Oneills really pushing for the Asia link. He also wants a sort of Ashes series with England.
  20. Shmacka

    Soccer Thread : 2004-05

    New league New Aussie league looking excellent after this release http://wwiii.sbs.com.au/home/index.php3?id=51357 What are the thoughts on the name? "A-League" as opposed to the APL we thought it would be Looks like a season pass to Sydney FC coming my way :D