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  1. amyg238


    Heh, I went to Bowen like everyday in Stuvac.. but once Hsc exam started it got really full and crap. I mostly sat in the nigel table area.. sometimes on the other side facing Anzac parade.
  2. amyg238

    short answers

    Oh man, I just realised my beech plant procedure was really wrong. Well I chose 2 plants at room temperature and 6 in a fridge which would have its temperature lowered 2degrees everyday. BUT I forgot to mention how the hell the plants would photosynthesise in a frige! Ah well.
  3. amyg238

    Genetics? Thoughts?

    Yeah thats what I wrote, it was a pretty weird thing to ask, but I think my anwer was good. That last question about transposable elements on the other hand... why was it included with Down Syndrome? I couldn't think of how they were related or even what it was asking so I wrote some crap.
  4. amyg238

    chem of art

    I screwed up the 6 marker Lewis question too haha, I had NO idea. They'll see right through the like, 4 page bullshit haha.. I wrote more for the 4marker than the 8 marker LOL Mmm I really liked this option. We're the first year at my school to ever do it, ahha we were learning it at the same...
  5. amyg238

    Raw Marks?

    I reckon about 85% raw, which I'd be really happy with.
  6. amyg238

    Answers To Difficult Questions

    Why can't it be A? I put D first.. then changed it to A at the end. Daaaamn Actually yeah its D..
  7. amyg238

    Role of Chemist

    I made some crap up about an analytical chemist using gas-liquid chromatography. I hope it was right, because I didnt really study that dot point.
  8. amyg238

    How did you find the chem exam?

    I'm feeling around 80. I felt really bad for the trials and ended up with 84, which i was really happy with.
  9. amyg238

    Molar heat of combustion vs. Molecular weight.

    I did a line of best fit, but it only went through the middle point, and the other two were above the line and below. What difference is there if you do crosses or dots? I've never even thought of doing crosses in a graph...
  10. amyg238


    Me too! I had to write tiny, and then put an asterix to the top and wrote like vertically. I got the supervisor guy to check that it was legible and he said it was fine, just highlighted the two asterixes. Yeah, that question was so open to talk about anything, really broad. I hope I didnt...
  11. amyg238

    General Thoughts - Chemistry

    I didnt think it was too bad, had 10 minutes left to go back and check. I checked over my multiple choice, changed almost all of them..errr I did Chemistry of Art section, wasnt too bad. One question stumped me though, like the big marker... I bullshitted that real bad. Haha I wrote more for...
  12. amyg238

    Textual Integrity - King Lear

    Oh man, thanks for all the help. I think I get it now, finally.
  13. amyg238

    Textual Integrity - King Lear

    Could someone please explain the concept of "textual integrity" with reference to King Lear? Thanks in advance
  14. amyg238

    Supplementary Material

    I used those two as well. Mmm, love the Labyrinth.
  15. amyg238

    spanish beginners

    Well, I did continuers, not beginners.. but meh. Exam wasn't too shabby, I practiced heaps for like, 4 days before the exam. Spanish is the only subject I never study for and do fairly well, so I hope I did very well now. How'd yours go?
  16. amyg238

    Left Handers

    My friend Victoria is left handed and she rights way more than me in English. Like 3-4 pages more, and I write about 5-6. Maybe she just knows her stuff better than me though.
  17. amyg238

    The Bureaucracy of USYD

    Yeah, I noticed that too. But like, whatever. I wonder whats in the stress packs though...
  18. amyg238

    exact answers from books/web sites in HSC

    I often memorise exact wording of definitions from text books, becuase I know if I change them I might miss something out. This is for Biology and Chemistry though. Obviously, its "plagiarism" to used something exact for English, but for sciences I reckon its fine. Oh and maths, to...
  19. amyg238

    Is my Watch Allowed

    I have a little calculator watch.. its looks suspiciously programmable but its not, and they let me in with it for trials. I just had to put it on my desk and it was fine.
  20. amyg238

    how much study are you doing a day?

    I've been averaging maybe 4 hours a day, but I seriously don't know where time is running off to. No study tommorow though, its my BIRTHDAY. ooo only 37 minutes to go.