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    General Thoughts: Geography

    I would have LOVED that!! I swear I did about 6 practice essays on that exact question last year!
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    What happened???

    God, I can't even comprehend the thought of being disappointed with a 94.55 atar...
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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    Thankyou for clarifying that to everyone :) Thankyou. The dole cue is far from where i'll be haha!
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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    93.00!!! So stoked considering i maintained all my extracurricular activities all year, never even set myself an atar aim, and i'm not even going to uni!!! PARTY TIME!!!!!
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    Share your 2013 HSC results here

    Dance-95 (WOOOOOOOO) EngAdv-81 (If you knew how much I struggled with English, this is a bloody great mark haha) Geography-90 GenMaths-90 PDHPE-89 (WHY GOD WHY) So stoked!!! Not going to uni so my atar doesn't really matter but I think I put in a good effort :)
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    It's stressing me out that everyone found the exam easy. I studied so hard for 2 weeks straight and completely flunked out of the exam I couldn't believe it. My essays were good but I got less than half of the multiple choice right and I completely misread one of the short answer questions. I...
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    HSC Geography 2013 Predictions

    I already tried writing an essay on it. Didn't end well. God help. I'm a big fan of economic activity though love that shiz.
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    HSC Geography 2013 Predictions

    Urban dynamics is not my friend
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    Financial Expectation question

    Oh my god i just can't get financial through my head!!! So we ONLY minus the cost of the ticket at the very end???
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    HSC General Maths Marathon

    That's what the book says... I don't trust it completely tbh! This.
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    HSC General Maths Marathon

    Nope, A... I'm so confused with how to do financial expectation properly, swear it's different for every question :(
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    HSC General Maths Marathon

    I need DESPERATE HELP with financial expectation! I've attached the question and my working and I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong? I was out of class the lessons we did this so i've mostly taught it to myself...
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    HSC General Maths Marathon

    I'm actually so retarded at maths when it comes to money. Everything else is sweet but as soon as i start seeing dollar signs my brain turs to absolute mush! I was just wondering, when working out credit card intrest to you include the day they bought the item AND the day they paid in the...
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    Multiple Choice

    Oh bloody hell I was tossing up between strength and power for like 10 mins and settled for strength didn't I?? I was looking at the repetition maximum and didnt think it was high enough...oh wellzzz
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    Yeah I was absolutely desperate! Just brain dumped on the page!!
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    I'm scared to look at what people are writing here just in case I find out more stuff I did wrong :/
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    The Orwell question ATE ME ALIVE. Mod C and A were sweet. If I was good at english I would have written a good essay!
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    Section 3 - Extended Response

    Hahahaha I didn't even have a thesis... Can't even remember what I wrote. I feel sorry for the poor examiner who has to read whatever crap I wrote!
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    Is anyone still waiting for a result for early entry uow?

    Re: Uow early entry 2013 Does anyone know of anyone who has NOT gotten early entry into UOW? I haven't heard of an unsuccessful applicant yet!