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  1. Apdo

    HSC Physics - Exam Paper (download)

    oh god now i see all the mistakes i made
  2. Apdo

    Pendulum prac risks?

    happens to girls a lot
  3. Apdo

    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    re: HSC Physics Marathon Archive Yes, it depends on whichever frame of reference you are looking from. If you are on a spaceship travelling at close to the speed of light, you would measure the mass to be it's rest mass. However an observer on Earth would measure the mass of the spaceship to...
  4. Apdo

    Moments Question

    Yeah I got the question wrong first because I thought I was calculating an unknown force, but it's just summing that force around the fulcrum :smile:
  5. Apdo

    HSC 2015 Engineering Studies Marathon

    Re: Engineering Studies Marathon Uh, I got 10115.45N acting up the plane using F=μ*mgcosθ+mgsinθ
  6. Apdo

    Trial Papers

    Yeah I also can't seem to find any either :/ If you don't mind, could you please send them to me too? I don't really have anything to offer though, sorry :c
  7. Apdo

    Any 2015 engineering students?

    Not too different. Science is a core part of Engineering as you pretty much apply concepts from Physics. But god damn, Engineering is a lot harder imo.