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  1. naisAtoN

    Internet @ USYD

    You're kidding! Just as I'm leaving! >:(
  2. naisAtoN

    PHIL1012 Introductory Logic

    I've heard that it's pretty dry. I was initially going to do it but I've changed to 'Society, Knowledge and Self' instead. With my luck though, that'll probably end up being worse haha.
  3. naisAtoN

    Subject Reviews (with PDF compilation)

    Re: Subject Reviews (PDF updated 17/01/09) WRIT1002 - Academic Writing Ease: 7/10 Moderately easy for those who can write essays and adhere to the lecturers' and tutors' strict marking regimes, which aren't really reflective of essay marking across the rest of the university. Lecturers...
  4. naisAtoN

    What's the atmosphere like in university of sydney?

    In all seriousness it's a pretty good atmosphere IMHO. A lot of great people, a few idiots but you get those anywhere. The campus is great, student life is good. Can't compare it to anywhere else in terms of pressure but I do find that it may be slightly harder for people at USyd to score the...
  5. naisAtoN

    semester 2 timetables

    Aah. Better choose my subjects soon so I can get my timetable.
  6. naisAtoN

    who are you? why were you on my page? STRANGER DANGER!

    who are you? why were you on my page? STRANGER DANGER!
  7. naisAtoN

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2010)

    Lol actually, there was barely a cloud in the sky when I left home today at 7.30. Got to the city and died a little inside but at least I always keep one of those shitty cheap collapsible umbrellas in my backpack.
  8. naisAtoN

    Is it true uni is more relaxing than HSC year?

    Clearly, not relaxed as in "this is a breeze and you can get by without doing any work". But in the sense that there's potential to become more involved in something you're interested in, yes. Typically there will always be subjects people hate though.
  9. naisAtoN

    Is it true uni is more relaxing than HSC year?

    If you choose a course you like, I think it should be more relaxing than the HSC. If you choose something you end up hating, a 13-week semester can seem like an eternity.
  10. naisAtoN

    Is it physically possible to hand in assignments on Saturday/Sunday?

    Same question. Does anybody know? I'm assuming nobody's in the offices on the weekend so they'd either be locked or the boxes won't be emptied until Monday anyway... Is this right?
  11. naisAtoN

    Union Board Election 2010

    I don't think so. It's not like there's an alternative union I'm a part of and I want to have a say in all of them just in case. In my case, I think I'd be much more likely to get involved in the union if it was more accessible and the changes I outlined in my previous post would make it more...
  12. naisAtoN

    Union Board Election 2010

    Because the elections aren't just about now, they impact the future. Any changes made may affect me at a later date, at which point I may be a member of the union and/or be involved in union-run activities. For instance, some of the candidates have proposed aims to change the Access system by...
  13. naisAtoN

    Union Board Election 2010

    Actually, I very rarely do to be honest.
  14. naisAtoN

    masterchef cheats!

    I seriously don't get the big deal. It's television.
  15. naisAtoN

    Union Board Election 2010

    If there were partial (and cheaper) memberships just to participate in elections etc. then I would. As it stands, USyd essentially markets the union toward those who wish to join clubs and societies, and who want discounts on campus (and a small selection of places off-campus). I wasn't...
  16. naisAtoN

    Union Board Election 2010

    Can non-access members vote?
  17. naisAtoN


    I watched it, I thought it was alright.
  18. naisAtoN


    End of thread.
  19. naisAtoN

    how should i invest my money???

    Well that's too late though, the world ends in 2012.