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    Music room/practice room?

    Hi, I want to practice piano but I don't have one at where I live now so I'm just wondering if there's any piano practice room or music room on camperdwon or darlington campus? cheers
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    enrolment variation

    pheww I thought I stuffed up mine too :bomb:
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    Work 2218/infs2001?

    has anyone done both WORK 2218 and INFS 2001? which one is easier? I did INFS 1000 and it was crap so don't know if it's the same or worse in 2001.... Im majoring in acct so have to do infs.... and because I failed one subject this semester...I have to overload next semester.....so want to know...
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    What do you hate about USyd

    basically everything about the merewether building. I seriously think that's the buiding that should be reconstructing. now. I wonder what it will look/smell like til 2020..... and the constructing area at the city road gate...what the hell are they digging?
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    Is Economics for me?

    That was like me as well...I didn't listen during most of my eco lessons...especially after I got a crap teacher in year 12...I only get the stuff when I went home and studied myself....at the end I still got a band 6... If you are doing well then keep it....but most importantly you have to like...
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    Results and Predictions (Semester 1 2008)

    Re: Results and Predictions (Sem 1 '08) omfg everyone did so freaking well... Pass for all my subjects.....oh well at least I passed... have to work hard next semester...
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    you are in usyd thread so I assume ppl here are in usyd hell depends
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    anyone registering for PASS?

    I went to one and deregistered the other subjects' PASS after that one... the first one is just a bit of a chat I think it could help as the semester progresses..but I really can't be bothered....
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    Not so much a tutor. Just a helping hand and some good advice Wanted!

    ok..my email is kyw2va@hotmail.com you can add my msn if you want
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    Not so much a tutor. Just a helping hand and some good advice Wanted!

    I can help you with Economics...: ) (band 6 in 07 HSC, currently studying Commerce@USYD) err....but it's email correspondence....how does that gonna work?
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    INFS1000 first lecture

    same here.... I think the lecturer was trying to make this couse sounds more exciting, interesting and different to other subjects but they sorta failed.... I couldn't stop myself from falling asleep....and feel sorry for ppl who sit at the back cuz the lecturer kept on picking on them...
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    Book prob.

    does anyone know where can I get second hand books? do the second hand book stores around the uni have what we need?
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    Is the special SMH paper (with offers) available online?

    can you scan it plz? I want to see it too....
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    how to compete against...

    basically if they speak japanese fluently at home like you are concerned, they wouldn't do Jap cont/ext....they do background speakers... don't worry about those who have been to exchange becasue sometimes they speak fluent jap but they've got crap grammar.... just work hard and learn all the...
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    Anyone here got band 6 in esl?

    no you can't...I think it's for ppl who are born in non-English speaking countries and haven't been to Australia for more than 5 years.... yeh getting band 6 in ESL is possible..I got a band 6 for 07 HSC and there are 4 girls in my year got band 6s for ESL... you just need to put more...
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    Premier's Awards

    Re: Premier's Awards...? haha...that's right...
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    Premier's Awards

    I just visited Board of Studies website http://news.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/index.cfm/2007/10/23/New-look-Premiers-Awards It says "However, instead of attending a long ceremony in Sydney in March, they will receive the award with their HSC credentials in January." does that mean there is no...
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    Enrol online?

    I just got my UAI few weeks ago and I want to ask if we can do the enrolment online for USYD....I think we can for UNSW, what about USYD? Because I'm overseas now...if not I have to fly back earlier........ Can we accept uni offer on UAC site or we accept it on the enrolment date?? I'm kinda...
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    General Thoughts - ESL Paper 1

    Section II was pretty good because I prepared something on it… But section I was a bit unusual….well not a bit…..Why were there 4 texts???? There were usually 3 texts only!! And what the hell was it with the creative writing….I thought it’s for standard and advanced…..I just made up stuff like...
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    Jap Extension Speaking 07 - Thoughts

    I waited for tlike fraking 3 hours in the exam centre just wanted to quickly do the exam and go home.... did the first two questions.....I kept on mixing up entertainment&internet = ="" I wasn't gonna say internet but that word just kept on coming put from my mouth!!! FAR OUT!!!! I didn't...