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    General 2013 HSC advice and help

    I didn't go well in prelim but it doesn't mean I don't know what I'm referring to. Definitely get all your preparation due done once you get house, maybe you could then summarize what you did in college that day into observe type prepared for learning when needed.
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    So we could use ONLY 9 out ofa 10 figures to complete the first box. For the second box figures except the one we have selected to fit the first box. Hence there are 9 figures we can select. Hence there are 9*9 unique figures for 2 number figures.
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    Who's ready?

    fairly ready- but with the new curriculum it's difficult to tell! consider it'll be simpler or more complicated with the new syllabus??
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    Screwed up my drama essay.

    I definitely handled that. Although I'm worried about the point that I didn't particularly name the text messages, which was fairly retarded on my part. While it was apparent that the material I was mentioning was clearly attached to the text messages, I'm worried it may have a damaging impact...
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    Cal in physical world rate of change

    You want the ultimate amount to be adverse for a reducing scenario. If you were give dP/dt = -kP, how can it sound right to put in a bad value of k? It will modify the amount to be good, so that can't be reducing.