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    I was very happy with it!! The question married perfectly with our Jesus topic! I was able to speculate why there is a recent emergence in public interest, as well as how two different scholars, Price and Dickson have come at the same conclusion based on the same evidence, concluding that our...
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    Section 1

    For once I went throught the exam front to back... a good choice 'cos that last question needed some thinking over! Text 3 was interesting... I think I got it once I read the thing about the glinting on the tin roof. and something about "non linear" I think he realises that the world is a...
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    Section 2

    This is often my worst section but I think I did quite well :) At first I thought "Oh no!" as i ealised that none of them really seemed to fit with anything i'd done before. Just as I resigned myself to making up some waffle about the first quote, I realised I could turn the final quote into a...
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    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    I was soooo happy with it! English is really NOT my thing but it all seemed to.. fit!! Text 3 was a bit trippy, but I think I got it :D there creative writing stimulus ACTUALLY fit my parpared piece (the best I think i've ever written) (this NEVER happens for me) and the essay fell into place...
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    Thesis and arguments

    We should always have a clear thesis and sadly, this is the part I have most difficulty with! I often find this hard to get clear in my head!! Matching different historians to sections of the source is easy, but I have a deinite weakness in constructing my essay! *oh dear!!* oh I did sooo...
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    Which is the best historian?

    I can't think of any essay where you could not use Von Ranke! He's not my favourite historian, but he's a useful old boy!
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    the historicity of jesus christ

    We are too What historians are you doing and what approach are you taking? Our big thing has been the purpose of the investigating scholars, particularly as we contrast the work of Robert Price and John Dickson and why the two have come to opposite conclusions when faced with the same...
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    Advanced Englishhhh Help: how to study

    It depends what mark you're going for. A general essay isn't going to earn you a place in the top bands, but if you're not confident composing things on-the-spot, a high 4 really isn't that bad is it? (especially since you'll have peace of mind in knowing you have something to write!) Instead...
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    Ext. History 2007

    We're doing the Historicity of Jesus for our case study.. deep! I'm looking forward to it! I'm really stressing about my major work.. I haven't found anything that I really love and ant to spend my next 3 months doing... I think i'll save that rant for the "major project" thread...
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    Who got What? -Results for SC

    hmmmm... the SC... i wasn't too happy with mine....especially maths where i accidentally missed two pages in the numeracy paper :eek:! anyhoo... English b5 Maths b5 ;-( History b6! Geography b5 Science b6