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    Student Association fees

    do they send you anything?? I was told you get sent an invoice??
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    Do you get a printed timetable?

    thanks very much
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    Do you get a printed timetable?

    Do you get given a timetable at all? or do you have to write one out for yourself? Thanks
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    cool thanks so much
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    can anyone help me?
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    sorry.. no i mean from the stations to the campuses... the bus from parramatta station to parramatta campus.. and the bus from east richmond to the hawkesbury campus.. thanks heaps
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    Could anyone tell me the buses from east richmond or parramatta station? Thanks
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    thanks heaps
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    what is uwsconnect? how does it work? how do you get invovled in it? Thanks heaps!
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    Grouping Up

    same as sweetseasons
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    Pissed Off

    same.. whoooo hoooo
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    mines up now yay!
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    mine havent been up at all ever...
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    how many days?

    Im doing bachelor of science also and is 5 days but only half days.. and friday for one hour..
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    Enrolled or not?

    Thanks cape..
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    Enrolled or not?

    In the enrolled section of the pweb should it list the units you are enrolled in? I enrolled on tuesday- and they're still not there yet???
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    How long did it take you to enrol?

    I went there to enrol at 11am and didnt finish there until 4pm.. it was a bloody long long day!
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    Can anyone access the uws website at the moment?

    Can you get onto the uws website?
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    Thanks people..