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    So.. 1 more exam to go.

    Im gonna do some light Physics study tonight, then hit it hard tomorrow ready for Friday! Really at this point I'm just happy to get it over with, I should get a decent mark however, I'm ranked 5th xD
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    2010 - Semester 2 results

    yay should be graduating soon.. where abouts is the study plan to check the status of 'passed' as i could not locate it anywhere on the new my student admin
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    photography 1 as an elective - with a degree from different faculty

    Sorry, this a bit delayed but thanks for the info :) .. i think i might skip doing it then considering all those factors
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    photography 1 as an elective - with a degree from different faculty

    Hi there, I'm in my final year of study doing a bachelor of science. I am just wondering if anyone on this forum has done photography 1.. to give me any thoughts and opinions on how the subject is and runs and if it is any good. I have a bit of interest in photography and just recently...
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    Student Diary 2010

    They are usually piled up on a table in the food court in the tower at the beginning of the semester near the ticketmaster booth. There are usually heaps left over too
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    P1 driving Test - Botany

    I done the EXACT some thing! just after you turn into mascot from botany in the back streets.. the instructor was like turn at the next left.. i thought he was pointing to the street around 300m ahead.. not the one 50m ahead.... I was thinking no way was i going to pass after that mistake! I...
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    P1 driving Test - Botany

    Hey Congrats!! How good does it feel to have some freedom! how was your test? it looks like botany has a way better pass rate than maroubra...who was your rta instructor? i think i had alex.. he was really nice
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    Trip meter records instead of odometer in learner logbook!

    you can use Australian travel maps, street directory, driving directions & aerial photographs - Whereis.com to put in your start and finish locations and it gives you the km's of the trip by shortest route/avoid tolls etc etc
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    Getting your Ps - Driver Ability Road Test (DART)

    I did those two - 3 point turn and kerbside stop a week and a half ago but my sister done the test a few times [after being failed for speeding and stupid other things] and got asked to do reverse parking one time. Did they remove reverse parking from the test recently?
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    Getting your Ps - Driver Ability Road Test (DART)

    It depends which RTA you do the test at.. the one I done my test at had heaps of space as it inspects vehicles, trucks etc but another RTA nearby has their car spots in a multi level shopping car park that is pretty narrow to drive through - so that point really depends on the RTA for the...
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    Getting your Ps - Driver Ability Road Test (DART)

    - Make it obvious it is a 2 second stop at stop signs - When turning at traffic lights, you car and wheels should still be straight whilst waiting to turn - Don't forget the car lights on while testing them and your brakes etc before the test.. as i nearly did! - Try to show the tester you have...
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    P1 driving Test - Botany

    well I went the mascot route but the route probably varies each time... you mostly go through the back streets of mascot from botany Rd and then Wentworth Ave which connects you to botany.. you just have to watch cos there is a lot of 50 zones but you should drive the same speed as the traffic...
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    Decision time!

    I can give you advice on the Yaris as my sister got one second hand last year. She got it from the car auctions for government cars - the Mainheim fowles one.. and there's also pickles auctions. Most of them are 1.3L though and come with the standard power windows etc. I think she paid around...
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    P1 driving Test - Botany

    I passed my test yesterday! So happy as my licence expires at the end of the month. Had a really nice rta instructor too. There was actually a plane i saw taking off in the distance in the back streets in botany which surprised during the test because it seemed so close. I think it really...
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    P1 driving Test - Botany

    I am doing my P1 driving test in 1 week at Botany.. has anyone on this forum done the test there and do you have any hints/routes. I live more the Maroubra way but the pass rate for the maroubra RTA is 39% compared to 40 something at botany. Does anyone know if i have to wait 1 year when my...
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    UTS - Semester 2 2009 Guestimates + Official Results (16 December 2009) thread

    my gpa was updated and all my subjects are enrolled. If they have changed to planned - subjects you currently done in semester 2.. if means u failed a subject.. not enrolled.
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    Travel time to UTS?

    ranges from 30 mins to up to an hr depending on traffic and what time you are travelling.. i used to have 10am classes and it used to always take 30 mins if i leave at 9am compared to 45-50 mins if i leave at 8am. From Eastern subrubs near la perouse.
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    UTS - Semester 2 2009 Guestimates + Official Results (16 December 2009) thread

    yay they've updated it.. well for science faculty.. since 8:30pm when i last had a chance to check.. i passed all my subjects..!
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    Medical and Diagnostic Biochemistry

    Hey i done this subject in autumn this year, the lectures can be really boring at times but it has 1 group presentation on a journal article of your choice and a few experiments to do which are really boring. the Final exam is all written but its not too bad, its quite a passable subject in my...