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    First-year IT Camp 2005

    All you people talkin about how wonderful the camp was obviously wernt stuck in the middle of the Lawson sex orgy on the first night. scared for LIFE my friends for LIFE!
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    B Business B Computing questions

    escuzee sorri just one more question abt bbusiness/bcomputing, ive only done general maths in highschool but they say in the assumed knowledge that 2unit and extention maths is preferrable, am i going to struggle in any way because of this? is there anything i can do before i commence the...
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    B Business B Computing questions

    thanx hey thanks a lot for that jasee, I owe you one :)
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    B Business B Computing questions

    bbusiness bcomputing hey i got a looooot of questions for anyone currently doing bbusiness/bcomputing. Any help wud be greeeatly appreciated. I just got an offer for this course and i really really really want to do it but was hoping to defer for a year so i cud get some money together first so...
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    Biggest Distraction During The Examz!!

    our supervisor needs a good kik in the ass...seeing as my name starts with a B im around the front for most of my exams and subject to most of her shinnanigans, first she sits there with her headfones in with the volume on full blast...how sweet of her to let us all listen to her 80's techno...
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    Gay exam -- but i am finished!!!!!!!!!

    im with u guys too that exam was ridiculously worded soo many people at my school walked out as soon as that 15 min window opened up. i finished the exam but i bullcrapped sooo much!!
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    accounting exam

    hellooo umm i was just wondering for those people doing bbusiness/bcomputing, do you think the uai will go up or down for 2005? i think at the moment its around 86. i'm reeally hoping i can get in!! thanx
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    HSC performance pieces

    i'm a vocal major and i'm not really happy with my choices but they won't let me change so if anyone could give me some feedback on the songs im doing that would be nice heheh thanx 1. don't leave me this way- thelma houston 2. killing me softly- roberta flack (last minute choice don't hate...
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    ethical teaching

    I need someone to tell me if i'm overreacting or not. there are three people in my IPT class and we had a multimedia assessment presentation due and one student got an extention which is fine excpet for the fact that the teacher allowed her to sit and watch our presentations and see all the...