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  1. MissSavage29

    UF student tasered for asking questions

    Mmm makes you wonder about the security guards though. Our criminal law lecturer was telling us that Australian police have to be sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray so when they do it in a situation they are not overzealous… Makes you wonder if they have that training for them over...
  2. MissSavage29

    That Guy in First Year Law

    is he still in our law class?
  3. MissSavage29

    typical hours

    i do a bachelor of arts/law and i found that last year (my 2nd year) i could do 2 full days of work a week with ease. If you are lucky enough you can get a job with a pretty accomidating employer who will let you take your reading bricks / text book and read them at work during quiet...
  4. MissSavage29

    bold and the beautiful

    i got bored at work and read the newest issue of tv soap.... dante is leaving the show - he complained that he doesn't get enough air time and post nick incident brook goes back to ridge - who promises her the family she's always wanted back with him rj and hope... which leaves nick...
  5. MissSavage29

    ANU nightlife, is there one?

    canberra isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be there really is plenty to do depending on your tastes Civic really is great considering there is about 15 odd pubs/bars/nightclubs within a 5 minute walk of each other - ranging from smokey seedy places to goth clubs to full techno night...
  6. MissSavage29

    bold and the beautiful

    B&B is a guilty pleasure :) I didn't watch it but i was reading the spoliers at work today and it said that Dante and Bridget hook up and get back together - and then she wonders if she's done the wrong thing. Felicia becomes the ultimate mega bitch and basically sets out to destory bridget...
  7. MissSavage29

    Good Eats Guide

    For italian you cannot beat Belluci's in Dickson - Zeff's is okay but everytime i've been the the service has been crap. As for coffee there is a great little italian place in dickson - makes the BEST coffee i've ever had - its next to the St George Bank.... But in the city Guru Coffee is...
  8. MissSavage29


    hey you know its good when its got real bits of panther in it :P
  9. MissSavage29


    this is old but hey anyway We've got a group that will be comming around to my place every fortnight for a poker game... Although only two of us (out of about 10 or so) actually know how to play so that shall be fun teaching for the first couple of weeks.
  10. MissSavage29

    how do you judge a good book?

    Thats how i tend to judge a book - by flicking it open somewhere in the middle and having a quick read - if its interesting enough to catch my attention i'll get it... and yes i have to say i'm guilty of juding a book by its cover... cant help it
  11. MissSavage29


    My favorite is glow by JLo - i've always loved it and finally decided to buy it for myself...
  12. MissSavage29


    To go with my newfound interest in alternative music (thanks to the influence of my housemate) i bought a new cd today - Muse's Origin of Symmetry... I figgured its better to start with some of the older stuff that i've already been somewhat familarised with before jumping into their latest...
  13. MissSavage29

    Placebo gig

    my tickets came in the mail today! Looking at them right now... i think we shall be lining up about 4 or so hours before to ensure that we can get as close to the stage as possiable September cannot seem further away
  14. MissSavage29

    Writing a good conclusion.

    Make sure you actually come to a conclusion about your question - dont just present a rehashed summary of your ideas - remember the marker has read all that in your essay. You want to show the marker that you understood and formed an opinion on the question which shows that you know you text...
  15. MissSavage29

    Looking your age.

    i hate people thinging i'm younger then i am. I'm 20 in a couple of months and i still always get asked for ID for everything. I remember going on schoolies and i was 18 and out of the group of girls i was with (all of who were underage) i was the only one that was asked for ID. I'm sure...
  16. MissSavage29

    Books That Make You Cry

    The Last Mile Home - i was bawling thorughout most of that book
  17. MissSavage29

    Favourite/BEST Australian Bands/Singers

    Savage Garden
  18. MissSavage29

    Placebo gig

    I got my tickets for the canberra show during the pre-sale. I'm so excited - my roommate has just introduced me to Placebo and i've just bought my first album (meds) and i've been listening to some of the older stuff to get ready for the concert Cannot wait until September
  19. MissSavage29

    Last movie you've seen?

    Ah i watched Primal Fear last night (Edward Norton / Richard Gere) it was actually really good
  20. MissSavage29

    so who else failed miserably

    I didn't know you did Pols in Russia... Hummmmm i just finished my essay for Russia about 10 minutes ago ready to hand in on tuesday thank goodness. I thought about doing the exam but decided to work instead (priorites i know) and actually i ended up liking one of the essay questions (good...