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    Preliminary HSC Business Notes - Based off the New Syllabus

    Preliminary HSC Business Notes - Based off the New Syllabus NOTE: This is a legacy resource migrated from an old version of BoredOfStudies. Original Uploader: Nerdasdasd
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    UTS IT Majors, decisions...

    What do you like doing?
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    Academic writing

    Academic Writing Style The style of writing required in university is different to high school and it sometimes catches people off guard. The main features of academic styles of writing are: > Passive voices > Formal language > No contractions > No run on expressions > Impersonal language >...
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    What do you guys do during the 5min reading time?

    I look at the paper and then let off a nervous laugh
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    Does God exist?

    The whole problem with this god exists or not debate is that it's based on assumptions. Both sides make arguments on things that can or cannot be proven.
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    Pokemon GO thread

    Who needs to walk, when you can use bluestacks and a fake GPS spoofer
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    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Hey people! I compiled a sorted HSC questions and answers document for a few of the main subjects. Others will be added :P (just keep a tab on the link)
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    HSC sorted questions and answers (booklets)

    I have gladly sorted out questions from the years of 2009 to 2015 for many subjects. I will also be adding more subjects and maybe compiling multiple choice booklets as time passes (or comes around) Simply just click on the years or topics in the table of contents to navigate around...
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    Stronger HSC Standards

    New standards ... Better actually be of a high standard. If it's anything like the school certificate .....
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    UTS 2016 Autumn Semester Results Thread

    As most of you know, results for the UTS Autumn semester have recently been released. Post and discuss your results here. Are you happy? dissapointed? or just glad that it's finally over How to check your results 1. Go to MyStudentAdmin and log in 2. Click on the tab "results" How...
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Have some faith in yourself :D
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    Pokemon GO thread

    Found a digby on my pants
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    EU referendum: BBC forecasts UK vote to leave

    Britain just screwed themselves up big time..
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    Prelim 2016 Maths Help Thread

    Read your textbook
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    Iconic Richard Scarry (childrens) books now reflect contemporary social values However, in the 1960s and 70s when majority of his books were developed, parenting roles, domestic roles and particular occupations were very different to present...
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    Year 10 Mathematics in Vietnam

    You are confusing AF. Is it down to hard work , or is it down to the difficulty or both?
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    Year 10 Mathematics in Vietnam

    You are hugely misinformed. What people get in a subject is not a 100% reflection of how hard the subject actually is... ALSO. Difficulty is different depending on every person. The fkn nerve of that statement. My god. Can you honestly say that you have improved a lot? lol.
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    Florida nightclub shooting: 50 killed and 53 injured in 'act of terror'

    Yeah you can. But you'll most likely lose your job and get vile chucked at you from social media before that happens. That's if you say something which is "offensive" and non PC.
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2016 You'll have eyeseeyou to contend with :p
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    Prelim 2016 Maths Help Thread

    Sure. On a side note .... If you can't do an entire set of Q's (set after set) it is probably a sign that you need to go back down to the simple stuff before you tackle the harder ones.