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    how did you go?

    wow! i thought my 95 exam was good....congrats everyone!
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    good paper?

    yeap...using a set of guidlines they determine what mark a hypothetical band 6 student will get after learning the course. If you get above this mark, its a band 6, thats it. Not sure as to its UAI scaling though...
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    How much?

    10-12...thats like double mine...if yours is medium whats mine?
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    How much?

    12+16 :D Bout 5/6 words per line though so quite big :( As for exempler...they'd need at least 2booklets of stuff. The exmeplers last year were all like 16+ pages. The 5/6 the year before were only bout 8ish.... even a 6page guy.... ...clearly a correlation there.... anyway...its...
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    Good luck all

    almost over...then KILL BILL!!!
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    what is conciliation?

    Dumber: Thats arbitration where a binding agreement is enforced. Concilliation is when a concilliator tries to get two sides to reach an agreement
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    cash rate is 5% I have CPI of 2.6% and growth of 1.9% year to september 2003 That last figure seems really really wrong though...
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    Cab Q

    explain two reasons why govt would use a subsidy instead of a tariff to protect domestic industries. 1. It is more consistent with their policy of freer trade as subsidies are less likely to be kept longer than necessary. this is because subsidies add to government expenditure while tariffs...
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    MC answers for CSSA 2001, 2002

    Sorry if these have already been posted. if anyone has already done these can they please verify? 2001 1. B 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. C 6. B 7. D 8. D 9. A 10. B 11. A 12. C 13.B 14. B 15. A 16. D 17.C 18. C 19 A 20. D 2002 1. C 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. D 6. A 7. C 8. D 9...
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    choose the other question
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    foreign debt/foreign liabilities/external debt? wats the dif?

    ...... now im confused as well... and less than 24 hours till the exam thats not good... :( i thought net foreign liabilities= net foreign debt + net foreign equity i think you mean assets instead of equity....
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    multi question

    IMF world bank doesn't do much...
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    Exchange rate paradox

    but what he means is if foreign investors borrow from australia, then the money supply in Australia is lowered, pushing up interest rates.
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    Well for the 2002 paper i don't think the answers can get any better than this...
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    foreign debt/foreign liabilities/external debt? wats the dif?

    foreign debt=external debt foreign liabilities = foreign debt + foreign equity (??) no idea bout the second part :(
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    Current account + Capital and finacial =0 WTF

    your textbook should explain this... under a floating exchange rate: 1. Demand for AUD = Supply of AUD Demand for AUD= export credits, income credits, investment into Australia etc... Supply of AUD = import debits, income debits, investment out of australia... putting them into 1...
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    Few questions.. plz help

    explain 2 problems associated with micro reform in aus 1- job loss 2- Microeconomic reforms, such as deregulation of the labour market, increases the allocative efficiency of the economy. This means that wages are determined through market forces which result in higher wages for those whose...
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    erg impact of Glob.

    if you manage to fit all that into an essay, i pity the next essay thats marked after yours!
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    effet of interest rate

    well i was thinking that lower demand meant less demand for exports hence lower supply of AUD...yeah its pretty weak
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    effet of interest rate

    1. Lowers aggregate demand (less consumption, investment by firms), slowing down the economy. ---> effects of lower economic activity. less growth, less employment, less inflation... 2. Encourages foreign investment into Australia through the difference in interest rates making Australia a...