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    I want to be a Psychologist?

    Hey I am doing a BPsych at sydney and in my third year. I would like to be a Psychologist when I grow up; or at least major in Psychology at University, so here are some questions that I wanted to ask.. 1) What kind of qualifications in Uni do I have to do to become a Organizational...
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    Introductory German - what is it like?

    Advanced French is terribly dreary that is more of a concern lol
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    No that is not true. It's much harder for people who major in psychology to find jobs but it is alot easier for people who do honours and post graduate in psych to find jobs.
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    How to transfer from Arts to Psychology?

    They would most likely only allow you in if you had maintained an HD average in PSYC 1001 or PSYC 1002 (if there are any places available at all). There are about 45 BPsych students and 25 BA (Psych) students and places would most likely only become available if students in these degrees don't...
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    Can i do Psychology through a Bachelor of Arts?

    Lol I actually do the Bpsych so that helps. Go onto the usyd school of psych website there is plenty of information there to clarify things for you and click either future students (which explains the basics of studying psych at usyd) and current students: in which you can...
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    Can i do Psychology through a Bachelor of Arts?

    2 main differences: 1) Being in BPsych gives you an easier path to getting into your honours year because it's already included in your degree (if you maintain the C average in 1st year and D average in 2nd and 3rd year), whereas if you are doing Arts you aren't necessarily guaranteed a place...
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    Can i do Psychology through a Bachelor of Arts?

    1st year: PSYC1001, PSYC1002 2nd year: PSYC2011, PSYC2012, PSYC2013, PSYC2014 3rd year: PSYC3010 (if you want to do honours) and 3 other subjects of your choice or 4 subjects out of the ones listed of your choice. Go onto the school of psyc website and look at current and...
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    BA ( Psychology)

    Hi, I am doing the BA(Psych) this year and basically it is just an arts degree with direct entrance to honours (ie. it is the same format of an arts degree in the first 3 years) The main advantage of doing this degree is that you get direct entrance to honours if you gain: credit in first year...
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    studying and uni

    Hey just say you went to uni 15 hours a week, how many hours of outside study should that calculate to? And does anyone have any tips on how to deal with uni and working at the same time? Thanks
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    Quite hard to get into honours from a BA, as you are competing for a limited amount of spots that have already mostly been taken up by the B psych and BA psych (at sydney). You need to maintain I think at least at HD average in a BA, whereas in the honours courses you only need a D average I'm...
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    BA ( Psychology)

    No, for just a normal BA you will need most likely a HD as you will be competing for a limited number of spots that have already been taken up by the B psych and BA psych so it is much more competitive entry. However if you are already in these courses I think you can get in on just a credit or...
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    missed unsw law by 0.05

    If it's the B Combined Law at UNSW (99.3) there are no more vacancies so sorry tp burst your bubble but the chances are v.v.v.v.v slim. Isn't there another law course you can do at another university and then attempt to transfer? The Law courses at UTS are a bit lower, have a look around
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    Official HSC results.

    English (adv) 91 Maths 84 Spanish Beginners 96 (first in state) French contninuers 95 French Extension 48/50 Music 1 90 UAI 98.25
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    Official UAI Results

    SAM 97.35 NSW UAI 98.25 v. happy :)
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    BA ( Psychology)

    Yeah, from what I've been told there is a bit of maths, certainly in the first year, as there is a big emphasis on statistics. I think you also use applications of calculus in this as well
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    Hsc Books

    Hi guys, here is a list of the many books (as well as notes) I have for sale all in very very good condition! ENGLISH Emma- Jane Austen novel $5 (annotated) Excel- Frontline study guide: $8 Frontline Script (slightly annotated but in pencil):$20 PLUS my own very good quality notes on Emma...
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    Those who sat Adv. English

    Who cares how many pages you wrote. Don't stress about it it's the most insignificant thing in the world
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    French Extension

    I thought it was a bit different to usual. I did Marius and Jeannette and some of the questions in the film analysis were quite different to normal, the whole thing about political views representing the themes? yuck :S but in the end nevertheless doable although that certaintly did limit the...