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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    nah it was isokinetic coz its the use of expensive machines to provide resistance through the full r.o.m! isotonic is free weights only provides one way resistance and isometric is where muscle length doesnt doesnt change :)
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    Who's ready for this?

    examples examples examples!!
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    General Thoughts: Senior Science examination

    so were winds formed when they move from high pressure to low pressure?? didnt like that question lol! otherwise the exam was great!! except the naming two secondary sources? what was with that lol!
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    would anyone be able to post questions up please :)
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    General Thoughts - Biology

    i put sieve plate and companion cells too haha!! thank god. that was an awesome exam multi choice was easy i thought that blood question was just stupid lol? and genetics option was good except the butterflies question which was a bit weird but nonetheless im quite happy :D
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    Studying Yeats? Analysis links? (Some inside)

    thankyou thankyou thankyou! i really hate yeats haah and there is hardly anything on here but this is goood :)