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    Speech Pathology

    I know a couple of people doing speech and they all really like it.
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    Cumberland Campus

    It used to be seperate from Syd Uni and was called Cumberland College of Health Sciences. Now Syd Uni has it for some reason. Its a really good campus.
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    yeah i liked this option. the last question i didnt like much though but the rest was great. oh well all over now so thats the main thing.
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    multipule choice answers

    1B 2D 3B 4D 5D 6C 7A 8B 9A 10A 11C 12D 13B 14A 15D 15 is D because the buffer will stay at constant pH for a while. I forgot the diprotic acid - Damn
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    i done pretty much the same thing with a bit more on spectral classes and what thats tells us, apparent and absolute magnitudes and then plotting these in a H-R diagram and then what else we can find and then a little about binaries and variables and the blue and red shifts. I didnt write much...
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    b.tchy question - syclotron or whatever

    It didnt anything about the q B v V or anything like that. I did shit on a bit at first then realised that it wanted to know what would happen when it reached near the speed of light. It wanted the mass dilation and E=mc^2 equations and to show that as the velocity increased so did the...
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    Solenoid Q

    I wrote that there will be eddy currents craeted by the application of Lenz's Law and that this will create a magnetic field apposing the direction of the motion of the magnet. This would cause the magnet to move only slightly on the pendulum, but still move. The difference being that the...
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    option:astro exams q's

    I thought that the Astro one was Vvery vague with what they were asking. I hated that 8 mark question andn only wrote a page about bullshit. Another person in my exam wrote three pages of crap for it. There was only the one large mark question I thought that they may have put in another 5...
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    Multiple Choice (Compiled Answers)

    mine: 1B 2A 3B 4A 5D 6B 7D 8B 9C 10A 11B 12D 13D 14D 15A As with 14 the glass DOES stop UV radiation and therefore the spark became less BUT this was concluded AFTER. Hertz's OBSERVATIONS were that the spark length was less. It was after they worked out why. Question 5 says...
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    where the hell does the k come from?

    Not sure if they would ask a circular wire. I dont think I've seen a question like that. They can fold it into a square/rectangle and ask about that and then place that near one or two magnets, to make a motor
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    Black Body Radiation Still In It?

    I think that it was mainly in the prelim course .... but it still in there abit when refering to different parts of the syllabus. Its used in the astro physics option. I did ask my teacher today and he said yes. The photo electric effect is still in there. Its a major part of Ideas to Impl
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    Pendulum Prac????

    other points include using - small angle for pendulum (ie less than or about 5 degrees, not 45 like some one wrote in our trial and lost marks) - having a light, inelastic string - using as long of a pendulum as...
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    where the hell does the k come from?

    there were a lot of quick posts then, there was nothing when i started to write and then check two textbooks and then suddenly there were heaps
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    where the hell does the k come from?

    Yeah k is on the data sheet. Its the 8th value down, its called magnetic force constant. Not sue how they get it one said that it was "derived from careful experimentation" and another didnt say anything. Note: that the formula is actually F= k(I I)/d there are two I's onr for each...
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    Question 3 c

    i used the binomial probability equation that was P(x)= ncr . p^r . q^(n-r) then done that twice for the atleast part and subtracted from one but i left it in an unexpanded form. because other wise you get a bad decimal and they dont like that they prefer to leave it unexpanded i think...
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    How did you go?

    i'm hoping the low 60's for a raw mark i would have liked an extra 10 mins or even 5 just to do the last part of seven...i had a little go and got no where so i then went back to the other parts that i skipped and in the last minute a realised what i needed to do....arrrgggghhhh other...
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    Course Reflections

    everyone seems so lazy towards 4 unit maths might be because - yeah we're in the course...theres nothing we cat do - kind of attitude wonder what ppl could do if they tried
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    I put: i) n! because n ppl can choose the first door then (n-1)ppl can choose the second and (n-2) the third and so on which makes n! ii) 1 - (1/n!) which then = (n! - 1)/n! not sure how i got the second one but i sounded good in the exam room thinking about it now it could actually be...
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    Question 4 a i

    what the hell is the terry lee way??? it only said to show it
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    Question 4 a i

    Did anyone else find this incredibly easy??? I done it in three lines and i think i done it right here goes: F= (mv^2)/r centripital force we know that v=rw circluar velocity subbing in gets F=(mr^2w^2)/r =mrw^2 there fore shown I hope thats it...