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    General Thoughts - General Mathematics

    nicely done hes being such an ass lol
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    2Unit Mathematics 2007 Solutions

    hm for question 7b)ii me and my friend end up with the same result which was 1 less from what you got... i dono who got it right.. cuz like i went onto the trouble to do it bit by bit... that put me on the stress of not enough time and end up losing my concentration for question 10b) man i...
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    General Thoughts - ESL Paper 1

    im really interested on how you managed to link that to two of the texts or more... and btw the best choice of creative test you could use was diary entry cuz the creativity in that is unimaginable... but anyway.. thats what i think.. even though i didnt write a diary entry=)
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    telling stories+module B

    just wana see how you guys went on the 2nd english esl exams.=D even though its abit too early...
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    General Thoughts - ESL Paper 1

    how much pages did you write....please tell me under 8? cuz i was too busy with section one and 8 marks question that i spent sooo much time on section 1... by the time i finish i was down by 5 minutes(for my conclusion in which i did not finish>.<)
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    General Thoughts - ESL Paper 1

    i reckon it was abit big?8 marks and you can write about like anything cuz its creative writing and you just need to refer to at least 2 of the text... buy hey thats just my thoughts... the essay i couldnt finish cuz i REALLY REALLY wanted to write about my last text of my own choice and voila i...
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    General Thoughts - ESL Paper 1

    i was so nervous... i dono how i went... my friend guess the section 2 question right!!! i dono how i went... i rkn i didnt keep the time in my mind... i just kept on writing and i ran out before writing a conclusion. lol so many I but i wana hear what you guys thought of it.>.<
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    Year 12 Jerseys

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