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    Anyone doing Woodrow Wilson??

    I don't think anyone does him except us. Anyone? Cause you'll hate him
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    Extension | performance

    hey hey I am. On guitar :S I'm not sure which categories to place them all in, but I'm doing performance everything, and they are *4 on 6 by Wes Montgomery *Closing In by The Living End *Ocean by John Butler *Tequila Slammer by Tommy Emmanuel *Lush Life by Billy Strayhorn (although ive got to...
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    Criticism for a middle skilled guitarist

    hey man, im doing guitar for perf as well, and a living end song (closing in). what jazz are you choosing? ive gotta do 6 pieces (cause ive gone all performance in mus 2 and ext), and ive thrown in a wes montgomery piece, whatve you got in mind? and hey good luck