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    Do you think HSC eng paper 1 2009 was trying to differentiate between students who

    Re: Do you think HSC eng paper 1 2009 was trying to differentiate between students wh Wait, I am thinking of paper 2 - sorry. Edit: In Paper one, i wrote on one supp. text. Sorry.
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    Are you allowed to have wallets??

    We weren't allowed to take ANYTHING (wallets, phones, tissues/handkerchiefs/etc) in at all - tissues could be asked for during the exam. Not a pretty sight when you have a cold!
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    Marks lost for illegibility?

    If your writing is illegible, then the paper in question is 'flagged'. However, keep in mind that the markers are experienced in marking, and reading thousands of styles of handwriting. If your words appear to be 'something' then 'something' is the word they will use. If words begin to look...
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    Writing student number on every page??

    Your supervisor is partially correct, and incorrect. Correct: In the sense that covers are not (99.99% of the time) removed during the marking process. Incorrect: As there is a space clearly asking for student and centre numbers. Our supervisors checked to make sure our numbers were on...
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    How Bad is the HSC stress for you?

    No stress at all - not confident about any exams at all, but no stress! Normally, I would be a wreck - nerves every morning, throwing up with worry - but for once - I am not bothered! Weird!?:monkey:
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    When is your last exam, and what are doing right after it?

    Software design, Nov 3 - party coz its my 18th - wat a birthday present!:music:
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    Frankenstein and Blade Runner... Who's glad to see the end of it?

    Can't stand english at the best of times - but Frankenstein and Blade runner made it that much worse. Disruption and identity - IDK, during reading time I just thought 'here we go, how much can I bs about here to make it look like I know what I am talking about'. Suprisingly, I wrote a more...
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    Did you leave out any questions?

    I answered every question - but know that some of my answers are so wrong they would set a new standard for wrong. A friend of a friend got question one, but didn't bother with question 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10.
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    Who's going to miss IPT?

    IPT was a great subject - easier than SDD, and we had a great teacher over the last 2 years, and they made it even better. I can honestly say I will miss it - I miss the group project work the most...
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    Did snyone else did a different Option to what they learnt?

    Personally I didn't. But in the trial, one person in our class chose to do all the options - brain slip, who knows. Because only the first two options will be marked (so if you did 1,2,3,4, only 1 and 2 would be marked. 1,3,4, only 1,3 would be marked. 1,2 were not areas we studied in class...
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    Did anyone put a Barcode/ID Number for the e-Ticket?

    Yes I did - because think about one of our airline e-tickets. It is common that they feature a barcode for easy collection of data, instead of attendants having to type in numbers all day every day. On the flip side, if you had one, or didn't - doesn't mean your e-ticket is any worse or...
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    Who else thought the IPT exam sucked big time?

    IPT was by far the easiest paper I have *ever* done. For once the M/C were actually relatively easy, and didn't have to many tricks. The questions (esp the analyse.. ones) started to get annoying after the first time - but were gift marks. They cannot mark you down as long as what you said...
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    Do you think HSC eng paper 1 2009 was trying to differentiate between students who

    Re: Do you think HSC eng paper 1 2009 was trying to differentiate between students wh I wrote on one text, but don't worry - as long as you wrote a high quality response, where both texts related to the q. You SHOULD be fine.